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  • 1. ACROPOLIS TECHNICAL CAMPUS Dept of computer science Subject Code: CS 703 Subject Nomenclature: Cloud Computing Lab Class: 4th year/7th Sem Branch: Computer Science & Engineering Subject Teacher: Prof. Richendra Kumar Ravi Prof. Meeta Dave List of Experiment : i) Software study - Hadoop MapReduce & HDFS ii) Service deployment & Usage over cloud. iii) Managing Cloud Computing Resources iv) Using existing cloud characteristics & Service models v) With cloud computing, as with data breaches, it is a question of when not if, so what can information security professionals do practically to manage security compliance in the cloud? vi) Performance evaluation of services over cloud vii) Case study: Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure viii) Case study: Hadoop, Amazon, Aneka Signature of Faculty: Head of department Computer Science & Engg.


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