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  • 1. Cloud Computing Cl d C ti An overview + a case study Babak Hosseinzadeh +1-206-612-7350
  • 2. Some observations S b ti 2
  • 3. A few examples of web-scalability web scalability Source: 3
  • 4. Google & Amazon are not the only ones Source: 4
  • 5. Speed is a major differentiator ec2-describe-images g 5
  • 6. Living and socializing in a digital network economy 6
  • 7. A l k at the enterprise look t th t i 7
  • 8. A quick review in the enterprise mplexity Com 1970 2005 8
  • 9. 1970 2005 Focus on Data Processing IT-led business innovation & transformation The role of IT in the organization was simple Increasing demands, expectations, and business reliance on IT Few standalone apps in select departments Different types of solutions throughout the enterprise Af i few internal users mostly in the same l l i h Internal users i different locations & geos, work I l in diff l i k Business location arrangements, habits + external interactions over different channels Users had limited IT skills The business community is increasingly IT savvy Business operation used to be 9 5 (M-F) B i i d b (M F) 24X7 connectivity, availability, and reliability i i il bili d li bili Controlled & predictable workload Less controlled & unpredictable workload System availability & reliability requirements Service Level Objectives are much more complex and impact were simple and only effected the enterprise the value chain Small S ll set of vendors f d Different types of vendors and solutions Diff f d d l i Simple technology stack Complex technology stacks A few low level languages and tools Different high level languages, multiple tools (i.e. CASE, ology SLDC repositories, sophisticated compilers, interpreters) Techno Simpler solution approach, architecture, and i l l i h hi d Enterprise Architecture, multiple layers, distributed implementation computing, exponential data growth, OO, SOA, EDA, Grid A few IT roles Multiple new roles, titles, and specialized skills Central development with in-sourced resources Distributed development teams & hybrid sourcing models p p y g IT operation & management used to be simple IT operation and management is much more complicated 9
  • 10. IT investments & cost allocations WW IT Benchmark On average, ~ 64% of IT Budget is spent on IT infrastructure 10
  • 11. Cloud C Cl d Computing ti 11
  • 12. What is Cloud Computing? Apoolofhighlyscalable,abstracted Scalable, abstracted infrastructure infrastructure,capableofhostingend Hosting environment customerapplications,thatisbilledby t li ti th t i bill d b Utility-based billing consumption. Astyleofcomputingwheremassively Style of computing y p g scalableITrelatedfunctionsandinformation l bl IT l t d f ti di f ti Shared services areprovided"asaservice"usingInternet Internet accessible technologies,potentiallytomultipleexternal customers. CloudComputinganemergingITdevelopment,deploymentanddeliverymodel,that enablesCloudServices. CloudServices:ConsumerandBusinessproducts,servicesandsolutionsthatare deliveredandconsumedinrealtimeovertheInternet IT development, deployment, & delivery model Dynamic p y provisioning g 12
  • 13. Cloud Computing Model Solution BusinessCapability Control Flexibility Customization 13
  • 14. Cloud Computing Vendor Landscape Note: Sample list of vendors p 14
  • 15. Cloud Computing Responsibility Matrix InfrastructureHosting IaaS PaaS SaaS Provider DataCenter Hostingproviderhasthe SubscriberhasnoideaIaaS SubscriberhasnoideaPaaS SubscriberhasnoideaSaaS Management overallresponsibility. providerabstractsthe providerabstractsthe providerabstractsthe Customersmaynegotiate infrastructure. infrastructure. infrastructure. location. Infrastructure Hosting Providerhasthe IaaS providerhandles the (1)PaaS mayrunitsown (1)SaaS mayrunitsown Operation& overallresponsibility. physicalinfrastructure,butthe infrastructure infrastructureorpartner Management Customersmaynegotiate subscriberisresponsiblefor (2)PaaS maypartnerwithan (2)SaaSmayofferitsownPaaS specificterms. imagecreation,operationand IaaS provider orpartner management. Inbothcases,itisabstracted Inbothcases,itisabstracted fromthesubscriber. from the subscriber fromthesubscriber. from the subscriber Infrastructure Hosting Provideroffersapre Subscribercreates virtualimages PaaS providerofferssome N/A There istypicallyno Configuration/ definedmenu,butcustomers andmanagestheconfiguration capabilitiesforapplication infrastructurecustomization Customization havetheoptionpayfor &customization configuration&deployment customization Infrastructure I f HostingProvider ff b i H i P id offersbasic Typically,infrastructure support T i ll i f N/A PaaS N/A P S provideroffers id ff N/A Th There iistypicallyno i ll Support support.Additionalsupport isprovidedthroughforums. supportforPaaS typically infrastructurecustomization canbenegotiated. Premiumsupportcanbe throughforums. obtained,butSubscribers ultimatelyhandleinfrastructure support. Application N/A Customeris N/A Subscriberisresponsible N/A Subscriberisresponsible SaaS provideroffersthe Development responsible. solution Application N/A Customeris N/A Subscriberisresponsible N/A Subscriberisresponsible SaaSprovider offerssome Customization responsible. customizationcapabilities.3rd partiesofferservices. parties offer services Application N/A Customeris N/A Subscriberisresponsible N/A Subscriberisresponsible SaaS providerhandles Maintenance responsible. maintenanceforallsubscribers Application N/A Customeris N/A Subscriberisresponsible N/A Subscriberisresponsible Typically forums 15 Support responsible.
  • 16. An IT bill (tip included) 16
  • 17. A Case study: Query Data Service Background Financial Company Multiple lines of business with some business processes interfacing 60+ external partners Mixed environment (packages, home grown apps, CICS, DB2, WAS, ALSB, ) Problem Maintaining service SLA (Resp-time < 3 seconds + 99.99 availability) 17
  • 18. Option 1 Migrate existing data service to the Cloud Notes Approach Had to figure out development & testing requirements Install & configure software packages in Amazon EC2 Had to assess for security & regulatory compliance Route service requests to the Cloud Had to size for servers Operate and manage the service O d h i Had t H d to pay for commercial software license costs f i l ft li t Had to figure out operations, support, change management, etc and Benefits...