cloud computing principles and paradigms: 5 virtual machines provisioning and migration services

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server provisioning is defining server’s configuration based on the organization requirements, a hardware, and software component.


  • 1.NovemberCloud Computing - Part II15-VIRTUAL MACHINES PROVISIONING AND MIGRATION SERVICES Cloud Computing Principles and ParadigmsPresented byMajid Hajibaba

2. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIVirtualization OverviewPresented by Majid Hajibaba2 3. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II3Public Infrastructure Cloud Examples Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) GoGrid, Joyent, Accelerator, Rackspace AppNexus, FlexiScale, Manjrasoft Aneka EC2 leveraged via Web services (SOAP or REST) Web-based AWS (Amazon Web Service) management console EC2 command line tools AMI (Amazon Machine Images) Different instance size Resource need (small, large, and extra large) High cpu (medium and extra large high CPU instances) High-memory (extra large, double extra large, quadruple extra large) Presented by Majid Hajibaba 4. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II4Private Infrastructure Cloud Meet Security and Governance Inside organization firewall May within a cloud vendors data center Characteristic Allow service provisioning and compute capability for an organizations users in a self-service manner Automate and provide well-managed virtualized environments Optimize computing resources, and servers utilization Support specific workloads Examples Eucalyptus OpenNebula Hybrid Cloud Presented by Majid Hajibaba 5. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II5Virtualization Standardization DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force) VMAN (Virtualization Management) VMAN OVF(Open Virtualization Format) OGF (Open Grid Forum) OCCIWG (Open Cloud Computing Interface Working Group) new API allow: Consumers to interact with cloud computing infrastructure on an ad hoc basis. Integrators to offer advanced management services. Aggregators to offer a single common interface to multiple providers. Providers to offer a standard interface that is compatible with the available tools. Vendors of grids/clouds to offer standard interfaces for dynamically scalable services delivery in their products. Presented by Majid Hajibaba 6. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIPROVISIONING6 7. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIVirtual Machine Life CyclePresented by Majid Hajibaba7 8. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIVM Provision ProcessPresented by Majid Hajibaba8 9. NovemberMIGRATIONCloud Computing - Part II9 10. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIMigrationPresented by Majid Hajibaba10 11. NovemberLive MigrationCloud Computing - Part IIPresented by Majid Hajibaba11 12. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II12Live migration effect (on a running web server)Presented by Majid Hajibaba 13. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIRegular/Cold MigrationPresented by Majid Hajibaba13 14. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIMigration and SLA Match resources demand conditions Avoid the violations of SLA Integration betweenvirtualizations management tools and SLAs management tools Migrate betweendifferent platforms Vmware ConverterPresented by Majid Hajibaba14 15. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIVM PROVISIONING AND MIGRATION IN ACTION15 16. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II16ConVirt open source framework for the management of opensource virtualization like Xen and KVM ConVirt Workstation Basic configuration (local machine) Advanced configuration (remote server)Presented by Majid Hajibaba 17. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIAmazon EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud is a Web service allows users to provision new machines into Amazons virtualized infrastructure in a matter of minutes Root access to AMI EC2 instance is typically a virtual machine with a certainamount of RAM, CPU, and storage capacity. Purchasing Model On-Demand Reserved Spot Provisioning Services Auto Scaling CloudWatch Elastic Load Balancer Presented by Majid Hajibaba17 18. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIInfrastructure Enabling Technology Offering infrastructure as a service Requires software and platforms for management Manage the Infrastructure that is being shared anddynamically provisioned Three noteworthy technologies to be considered: Eucalyptus OpenNebula AnekaPresented by Majid Hajibaba18 19. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II19Eucalyptus Open Source cloud tool Elastic utility computing architecture for linking your programs touseful systems Private cloud and hybrid cloud Amazon EC2,S3 interface Features Interface compatibility with EC2, and S3 Simple installation and deployment Support for most Linux distributions Support for running VMs that run atop the Xen or KVM (VMWare?!) Secure internal communication using SOAP with WS security Administrators tool for systems management and users accounting configure multiple clusters each with private internal network addresses into a single cloud Research Lines services provisioning, Scheduling, SLA formulation, hypervisors portability Presented by Majid Hajibaba 20. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIEucalyptus ArchitecturePresented by Majid Hajibaba20 21. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II21UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud) Is a tool to provision, deploy, configure, and use cloud infrastructures Based on Eucalyptus Brings Amazon EC2-like infrastructures capabilities inside the firewall Simplest way to install and try Eucalyptus First open source project Lets you create cloud services in your local environment Let you leverage the power of cloud computingPresented by Majid Hajibaba 22. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II22OpenNebula Open source tool Virtualization tool to manage your virtual infrastructure Private cloud and Hybrid cloud Research lines Advance reservation of capacity Probabilistic admission control Placement optimization Resource models for the efficient management of groups of virtual machines elasticity supportPresented by Majid Hajibaba 23. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIOpenNebulaPresented by Majid Hajibaba23 24. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II24Aneka .NET-based platform and framework Building and Deploying distributed applications on clouds Private, Public, Hybrid EC2 interface Management StudioPresented by Majid Hajibaba 25. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIAnekaPresented by Majid Hajibaba25 26. NovemberCloud Computing - Part II26Research Direction Self-adaptive and dynamic data center Performance evaluation and workload characterization fundamental tools and techniques that facilitate the integration and provisioning of hybrid clouds High-performance data scaling in private and public cloud Performance and high availability through live migration VM scheduling algorithms Accelerating VMs live migration time Cloud-wide VM migration and memory de-duplication Live migration security Extend migration algorithm to allow for priorities Presented by Majid Hajibaba 27. NovemberCloud Computing - Part IIEND Virtual Machine Provisioning and Migration Services 27


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