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1. CLOUD COMPUTING STATS CLOUD FOR EDUCATION 2. Here are some statistics about how cloud is affecting education today. Technology like cloud computing has made a significant impact on the education sector. It is changing the way students learn, teachers teach, and educational institutions operate. 3. 43%of higher education institutions have implemented or are maintaining cloud computing. 4. 42% percentof K-12 institutions have implemented or are maintaining cloud computing. 5. $4.4 The global market in higher education is billion 6. 40%of K-12 institutions state storage is their favorite cloud service. 7. 31%of colleges that adopt cloud-based solutions do so for storage. 8. 35%of universities have uploaded at least 1TB of data to the cloud. 9. 76%of higher education cloud users have successfully reduced the cost of applications moved to the cloud. 10. 33% Higher education IT teams expect to spend of their budget on cloud in four years. 11. RapidScale, Inc. 100 Pacifica Ste 100 Irvine, CA 92611 (949) 236-7007 Sales: (866) 371.1355 Support: (866) 686.0328 For More Information Contact Us Today


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