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  2. 2. Here are some statistics about cloud in the enterprise today. Individuals and small businesses have been quick to board the cloud computing train. Enterprises, on the other hand, have lagged a bit behind. However, it seems that big businesses are finally finding their way to the cloud.
  3. 3. of enterprises have apps cloud already. or infrastructure running in the 69%
  4. 4. 73%are seeing improved business performance after implementing cloud-based apps and strategies.
  5. 5. The average company uses cloud services, which is over 10x more than what IT expects. 738
  6. 6. 35% Business analytics is a pivotal factor in of enterprises adopting cloud computing today.
  7. 7. Improving business performance, improving levels of service automation, and reducing costs are the 3 most successful areas of enterprise cloud implementation today. 73% 70% 70%
  8. 8. of enterprises run more than 1,000 Virtual Machines in public cloud. 13%
  9. 9. 82 percentof enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy.
  10. 10. 88% 63% of organizations are using public cloud while are using private cloud.
  11. 11. 55%of enterprises report that a significant portion of their existing app portfolio is not in the cloud, but is built with cloud-friendly architectures.
  12. 12. 62%of enterprises report that central IT makes the majority of cloud spending decisions.
  13. 13. 60%of enterprises include cloud-related spending as part of their enterprise-wide IT budgets.
  14. 14. 24 percentof IT budgets will be allocated to cloud solutions by the end of 2015.