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<ol><li> 1. CLOUD COMPUTING STATS ITS ALL ABOUT MOBILE. </li><li> 2. Here are some statistics all about the mobile trend in business. With the rapid increase of personalized technology use, a phenomenon is occurring in the workplace that is changing the way people work. This is BYOD, or bring your own device, a policy that permits employees to use their personal computing devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, to access company information and applications. BYOD is growing in popularity because it provides multiple benefits to businesses and freedoms to users. </li><li> 3. 90%of business communications stretch far beyond the local office </li><li> 4. Since 2005, telecommuting has increased 80% </li><li> 5. People who use to access the Internet will outnumber those who use a PC by phones and tablets 2015 </li><li> 6. 60 % of employees worldwide currently have a personal device they use for work </li><li> 7. 60%of companies already report heavy BYOD usage among employees </li><li> 8. from multiple devices information access of SMBs cite as a leading factor in moving to the cloud. 1/2 </li><li> 9. $181.39 billion By 2017, the BYOD market is expected to globally grow to </li><li> 10. 2017B Y half of employers will require employees to buy their own devices. </li></ol>