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<ul><li><p>CLOUD COMPUTING </p><p>STATSTHE SAVINGS ARE REAL</p></li><li><p>Here are some statistics about how cloud is saving businesses money today.</p><p>Weve all heard it before: cloud computing can save you so much money! The question, though, is exactly where are these savings occurring? </p></li><li><p>82%of companies </p><p>reportedly saved money by moving to </p><p>the cloud.</p></li><li><p>25percentof businesses saw a reduction in IT costs.</p></li><li><p>50%Cloud computing reduces </p><p>labor costs by</p></li><li><p>84percentof CIOs report they have cut app </p><p>costs by moving to the cloud.</p></li><li><p>21%</p><p>Users who move </p><p>apps to the cloud save, on average,</p><p>per year.</p></li><li><p>25%</p><p>Companies that use the cloud to deploy their apps spend </p><p>less on personnel.</p></li><li><p>90%</p><p>Cloud computing can save small business energy costs by</p></li><li><p>70%of cloud adopters </p><p>reinvest money savedas a result of </p><p>moving to the cloud.</p></li><li><p>82%using cloud services have shown an increase in productivity within </p><p>the first 6 months.</p></li><li><p>RapidScale, Inc. 100 Pacifica Ste 100</p><p>Irvine, CA 92611 (949) 236-7007</p><p>Sales: (866) 371.1355 Support: (866) 686.0328 </p><p></p><p>For More InformationContact Us Today</p></li></ul>