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Cloud computing online training Course introductionThe cloud computing market is emerging at random,And professionalsas well as many organizations arelooking for a viable solution to shape Cloud competencies to correctly manage, use and rule new technologies. For prominent reason professionals with cloud computing tutorial and background are now wide in global demand. Certified professionals may expect global exposure and lucrative packageare the two immediate benefits the professionalscan expect.Are you looking for a great career opportunity in cloud computing online training? The professional training conducted by Global online Trainings will offer you online training, flexi class advantage, best quality teaching, and training by industry expert teachers at most affordable cost.


1. INTRODUCTION TO CLOUD COMPUTING DEFINING CLOUD COMPUTINGComponents of a computing cloudClouds Differentiating: private, hybrid and public2. DELIVERING SERVICES FROM THE CLOUDCategorizing service typesVendor cloud products comparing: Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others3. ADOPTING THE CLOUD KEY DRIVERS OF CLOUD COMPUTING SOLUTIONSInstantaneous provisioning of computing resourcesTapping into an infinite storage capacityCost-effective pay-as-you-use billing models4. EVALUATING BARRIERS TO CLOUD COMPUTINGHandling sensitive dataAspects of cloud securityAssessing governance solutions5. EXPLOITING SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SAAS) CHARACTERIZING SAASAdministration streamlining with centralized installationOptimizing performance and cost with scale on demand

6. COMPARING SERVICE SCENARIOSImproving collaboration using business productivity toolsBusiness process simplifying by integrating existing components7. INSPECTING SAAS TECHNOLOGIESDeploying web applicationsWeb services Implementing: REST and SOAPChoosing a development platform8. DELIVERING PLATFORM AS A SERVICE (PAAS) EXPLORING THE TECHNICAL FOUNDATION FOR PAASSpecifying the components of PaaSAnalyzing vendor PaaS provisionsSelecting an appropriate implementation9. BUILDING SERVICES WITH SOLUTION STACKSEvaluating architecture of vendor-specific platformsBecoming acquainted with service platform tools10. MANAGING CLOUD STORAGEUnstructured data controlling in the cloudRelational databases Deploying in the cloudImproving data availability11. EMPLOYING SUPPORT SERVICESTesting in the cloudMonitoring cloud-based servicesAnalyzing portability across platforms

13. DEPLOYING INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE (IAAS) ENABLING TECHNOLOGIESScalable server clustersTransparency Achieving with platform virtualizationElastic storage devices14. ACCESSING IAASProvisioning servers on demandHandling static and dynamic IP addressesTools, support for management and monitoring15. DEPLOYING A PRIVATE CLOUDLeveraging an existing infrastructureComparing Open Stack and EucalyptusResources managing across teams and departmentsIntegrating with public clouds16. BUILDING A BUSINESS CASE CALCULATING THE FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONSIn-house facilities comparing to the cloudEstimating economic factors downstream17. PRESERVING BUSINESS CONTINUITYAppropriate service-level agreements SelectionSafeguarding access to assets in the cloudSecurity, availability and disaster recovery strategies18. MIGRATING TO THE CLOUDRe-architecting applications for the cloudCloud Integrating with existing applicationsVendor Selection and avoiding vendor lock-in

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