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Cloud Deployment Models


  • 1. Cloud Deployment Models (Public Cloud, PrivateCloud, Hybrid Cloud)http://clean-clouds.com

2. GandhinagarAhmedabad StudentsRelativesStudents Hostel HomeHome Home What areDeployment Models?Public PrivateCommunityHybrid NIST Definition 3. Available to everyone. Anyone can go andPublic Cloud signup for the service.I Economies of Scale due n to Size. ter Some public cloudn concerns e Ownershipt Control Regulatory compliance Data/Application security Liability for SLA breaches Public Cloud 4. Cloud infrastructure built in house Retains control of Private Cloud resources More security & privacy Can conform to regulatory requirement Needs capital investment Needs expertise to build and maintain Private Cloud 5. Best of Both WorldPublic Cloud Workload is deployedI n mostly on private cloud t e r n Resources can be used e from public cloud whent there is a surge in peak Private Cloud load (Cloud Burst) Hybrid Cloud 6. Customer Service DeploymentBenefits ScenarioModelModel PayrollIaaS (VMs), Public Cloud Processing time reduced Processing cloud storageHardware requirements reduced Elasticity enabled for future expansion Astronomic IaaS (VMs), Public Cloud Hardware expense greatly reduced Data cloud storageprocessing power and storage) ProcessingEnergy costs greatly reduced Administration simplified CentralIaaS, PaaSPrivateIT expertise consolidated Government CloudHardware requirements reduced LocalIaaS, PaaSHybrid Cloud IT expertise consolidated GovernmentHardware requirements reduced Deployment Models - Benefits 7. Download with Linkedin Username/Password 8. Download with Linkedin Username/Password 9. Download with Linkedin Username/Password 10. Download with Linkedin Username/Password 11. Download with Linkedin Username/Password 12.


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