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CLOUD STORAGE By:- Piyush Mishra (Invertis University Bareilly)

Does anyone have a lot of files on their computer but doesnt have the space to store them?Do you worry about losing files?Do you want your files to be secure and easily accessible?Quick Survey

WHAT IS CLOUD STORAGECloud storage is defined as the storage of data online in the cloud.

In other words, cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the internet.

Online file storage centers or cloud storage providers allow you to safely upload your files to the Internet.

Access your document anywhere.Share your document easily.Keep your document safeGet cloud storage space for free or at very low cost.Accumulated a personal file achieve in the cloud so you can use in different occasion.Why we use it ??

Things to consider:-

What does the company or you need out of the serviceStorage SpaceBudgetPerformanceTypical transfer rate 2-3Mb/secTechnical SupportData ProtectionDisaster RecoveryComprehensive BackupSecurity

What does it cost to users?

Cost EfficientCloud computing is probably the most cost efficient method to use, maintain and upgrade. The cloud, on the other hand, is available at much cheaper rates and hence, can significantly lower the companys IT expenses.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Backup and Recovery

Since all your data is stored in the cloud, backing it up and restoring the same is relatively much easier than storing the same on a physical device.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Security: Many companies may not want to hand over their data to an external organization to store, fearing that they may not have the right security software to protect the companys data.

Disadvantages of Cloud computing

The Need for Reliable Internet ServiceFinally, you will become more dependent on a good Internet connection if you rely on the cloud. As more mission-critical work is done on the Internet, organizations will need much more bandwidth and few, if any, failures in Internet connectivity.Disadvantages of Cloud computing

How does cloud computing work?

To understand the workings of a cloud computing system, it is easier to divide it into two sections: thefront endand theback end. They are connected to each other through a network, usually theInternet. The front end is the side of the computer user or client. The back end is the cloud section of the system.

How does cloud computing work?

The front end consists of the clientscomputeror computer network and the application essential to access the cloud computing system. It is not necessary that all cloud computing systems have the same user interface.

On the back end of a cloud system, there are various computers, servers and data storage systems that make up the cloud. A cloud computing system could potentially include any computer program, from data processing to video games. Generally, each application will have its own dedicatedserver.

How does cloud computing work?

Some free Cloud Providers

Gives 5GB of free storage (if you want more, you have to pay for it yearly)Allows you to sync all your idevices to iCloud Anything you have stored in the iCloud can be accessed from any ideviceFor example, a document typed on an iPad and saved to the iCloud can be accessed from an iPhone.Apple iCloud

Gives you 2GB of free storageAllows you to get more free space by completing certain tasksAvailable in the App Store and Android MarketFor example, a file uploaded to Drop box from a MacBook can be accessed from a Samsung phone.



Gives you 15GB of free storageRequires a G-mail account to be accessedIndividuals can buy more storage for themselves (Google Apps for Business Administrators can buy storage licenses)Allows you to type documents, make spreadsheets/presentations, etc., and then save them to your drive.

Google Drive


Gives you 5GB of free storage (additional storage is available for $10 a year)Available for download on Kindle Fire(HD)A Save to Cloud Drive app is available in the App Store for $1.99 and an Amazon Cloud Pictures is in the Android Market for free.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Gives you 7GB of free storage (additional storage can be bought)Requires a Windows Live account to be accessedCan be saved to a Windows computer as a mapped drive.Microsoft SkyDrive

Some Commercial Cloud Offerings

Many of the activities loosely grouped together under cloud computing have already been happening and centralised computing activity is not a new phenomenaGrid Computing was the last research-led centralised approachHowever there are concerns that the mainstream adoption of cloud computing could cause many problems for usersMany new open source systems appearing that you can install and run on your local clustershould be able to run a variety of applications on these systemsThe Future

Cloud computing is a quickly changing area that will undoubtedly continue to play an increasingly major role for nonprofits, charities, and libraries as well as their IT systems. But which elements of your IT infrastructure you should move into the cloud and when will vary a lot from organization to organization.



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