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  • Xerox® FreeFlow® Core Take the manual work out of prepping jobs for print. Automatically identify and fix preflight issues, use rules-based logic to intelligently route jobs and automatically lay out pages based on printer and job properties. With the latest cloud release of FreeFlow® Core, you can either host the solution on premise or just log into the cloud.

    Xerox® FreeFlow® Digital Publisher Take the content you already print today and automatically make it work for digital. This e-publishing solution makes creating content-rich digital communications for mobile devices and desktop viewing fast and easy. The best part? It’s all enabled by FreeFlow® Core, so you can create workflows for print and electronic documents at the same time.

    Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management Keeping color consistent across an entire fleet doesn’t have to make your head hurt. Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management maximizes the automation of your inline, nearline and offline workflows. Now you can easily keep an eye on all Xerox® and non-Xerox® digital presses and offset presses, making updates whenever needed. You can even manage the process remotely.

    XMPie® PersonalEffect® StoreFlow™ and StoreFlow™ Cloud Automate your web-to-print workflow with XMPie® PersonalEffect® StoreFlow™. This solution lets you create and manage online stores and marketing portals using simple personalization. Plus, it’s bundled with FreeFlow® Core so you get built-in prepress automation. That’s two world-class solutions in one box.

    Cloud Workflow Is Finally Within Reach Think your print shop can’t get its hands on an advanced workflow solution? Think again. Cloud-based workflow is perfect for shops that don’t have a dedicated IT staff or choose not to maintain software locally. At Xerox, we have a number of cloud-based workflow solutions that are flexible enough to scale up and down to meet your needs.

    To learn more about moving to the cloud with Xerox, visit

  • 1. “20 Cloud Computing Facts for 2015.” Jim Walsh: 2015 2. “One In Four Enterprises See ‘Surprise’ Cloud Benefits, Survey Finds.” Joe McKendrick: 2015 3. “Why Move to the Cloud? 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing.” Salesforce: 2015

    80% chance of reduced IT costs.1

    47% chance of lower operating costs.1

    75% chance of improved service availability.1

    65% chance of improved business flexibility.3

    67% chance of reduced turnaround times.2

    94% chance of added security benefits.1

    64% chance of reduced waste.1

    100% guarantee of more accessible workflow solutions with cloud-based solutions from Xerox.

    The Cloud Forecast How the cloud is changing the print shop climate.

    As more and more cloud solutions form over the printersphere, the benefits of making the shift are becoming crystal clear. Strong savings. Extreme flexibility. High-speed turnarounds. Just to name a few. Let’s take a look at the complete cloud report.

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