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Cloudbuster Flier


  • BIG Balloons, BIG Effects, BIG Profits


  • 2Make a colossal impact at any event with Giant Cloudbuster balloons! Made with a blend of natural and synthetic latex, these impressive balloons are one of the easiest and most effective ways to fill a large space.

    This combination of 3' Qualatex White and 3' Metallic Silver, with 4', 5.5' and 8' Cloudbusters in White, created a sophisticated look in this shopping mall. Using both sizes of Clik-Clik magnets made the installation fast and easy.

    Colin Stewart, CBA

    Combine Cloudbusters with 3' latex suspended at various heights to create dramatic pops of color. I prefer to hang each balloon separately because inevitably something will need to be adjusted.

    David Mahoney

    David Mahoney of Balloons Everyday

    in Carrollton, TX, USA

    Colin Stewart, CBA, of STEWART's Baskets & Balloons

    in Ontario, Canada

    On the cover: A system of horizontal rigging lines were used to attach both helium and air-filled Cloudbusters in this mall decor.

    Colin Stewart, CBA

  • Benefits: HUGE impact


    Can be air-filled or helium-filled

    Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

    Combine lighting effects with Cloudbuster decor to add value and enhance any event atmosphere.

    Rocky Toomey, CBA, and Terry Toomey of Future Affairs Productions

    in Providence, RI, USA 3

    Rocky Toomey, CBA, and Terry Toomey of Future Affairs Productions

    in Providence, RI, USA

    Cloudbusters are ideal for: Corporate Events

    Sporting Events

    Car Dealerships

    Shopping Mall Decor

    Hotel Decor

    Outdoor Events

  • Helpful Tips:

    The use of Gobo light fixtures directed onto the Cloudbusters is a great added value to make the client really appreciate the use and justify the added expense of these big balloons.

    Rocky Toomey, CBA, and Terry Toomey


    Use a Clik-Clik Magmover and magnets to make installation easier (visit for more information).

    Always wear eye and ear protection when inflating Cloudbusters.

    Know the space in which you'll be inflatingCloud-busters generally can't fit through standard doors.

    Have an extra person available to assist with inflation and sizing.

    Hide the long neck by folding it over first and securing with the 10" zip tie or a 260Q. Use gaffer tape to cover the zip tie so there are no sharp edges.

    Rocky Toomey, CBA, and Terry Toomey

    Rocky Toomey, CBA, and Terry Toomey

  • Catch attention from near and far by floating Cloudbusters high

    in the sky at outdoor events. Rocky Toomey, CBA,

    and Terry Toomey


  • Combine air-fill Cloudbusters with other Qualatex balloons and coordinating accents to create beautiful themed decor, like this "Emerald City" event.

    Deb Wierenga, CBA

    Helium-filled Cloudbusters can hold a significant amount of weight, such as fabric draping. I recommend adding a disclaimer that if a balloon bursts, it will not be replaced unless the client is willing to pay additional.

    David Taylor, CBA

    6David Taylor, CBA,

    of MAD Balloons in Sydney, Australia

    Deb Wierenga, CBA, of Balloon Studio

    in Wichita, KS, USA

  • For an event that needs a BIG finale, include Cloudbusters in a balloon drop with other sizes of Qualatex latex balloons.

    Rocky Toomey, CBA, and Terry Toomey


    Hours of planning, inflating and staging, saving the biggest for last.

    Rocky Toomey, CBA, and Terry Toomey

  • Green SS #91211SY #91218 SZ #91227

    OrangeSS #91214SY #91221 SZ #91230

    RedSS #91212SY #91219SZ #91228

    WhiteSS #91215SY #91222SZ #91231

    4'5.5' 8'

    YellowSS #91213SY #91220 SZ #91229

    5.543 8

    Dark PinkSS #12608SY #12609SZ #12610

    Island BlueSS #12614SY #12615SZ #12616

    Kiwi LimeSS #12611SY #12612SZ #12613

    Red, White, & Blue N/A ST #91224 N/A

    4'5.5' 8'

    BlueSS #91209SY #91217 SZ #91226

    PurpleSS #91216SY #91223 SZ #91232

    To order contact your Qualatex distributor! For the name of a distributor visit Distributors-Qualatex on, or call 1-800-999-5644.

    Outside the U.S.A., contact our international teams at

    Choose the perfect size for every event

    Cloudbuster AccessoriesContact your Qualatex distributor for more information



    Balloon Filling Hose#92106Designed with a hand-tight connection, 24" hose, and built-in restricted flow to ensure quick, easy, and controlled helium inflation of Cloudbuster Balloons.

    Heavy Nylon Tether Line#91247150ft. spool

    Display Pennants#91246 Assorted Colors#91245 Red/White/BlueFor use with 5 and 8ft. Cloudbuster Balloons. Includes: 6" x 18" poly pennants on 100-ft. line. (80 pennants per line)

    Outdoors, this blend of natural and synthetic latex can withstand the elements and float for days when inflated with helium.

    Avg. Flying Time with Helium

    4-ft. / 4-5 days5-ft / 8 days8-ft. / 18 days

    Cloudbuster Balloon Helium Chart *Because the filling and usage of display balloons is beyond our control, no performance or longevity guarantee can be made.NOTE: The listed average inflation sizes, lift ability, flying times, and numbers of balloons per helium tank are conservative averages. Avg. # per Avg. FlyingBalloon Type Inflated Diameter Lift Ability Gas Capacity 242 cu. ft. tank Time*4 (1.2m) Cloudbuster* 4 (1.2m) 1.7 lb. (771g) 34 cu ft (0.963m3) 7 4-5 days5.5 (1.7m) Cloudbuster* 5.5 (1.7m) 4.7 lb. (2.13kg) 66 cu ft (1.868m3) 4 8 days8 (2.4m) Cloudbuster* 8 (2.4m) 15.5 lb. (7.03kg) 267 cu ft (7.561m3) 1 18 days

    Conwin Air Force 4 InflatorAir inflate Cloudbuster balloons quickly and safely with Conwins Air Force 4 Inflator. Visit for ordering information.

    Find 3' product information in the Qualatex Everyday Catalog.