cloudstack day 14 - automation: the key to hybrid cloud

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Often Hybrid Cloud is talked about in terms of migrating entire VMs. This is fraught with problems, and can be better acheived by using automation to move a VMs configuration instead of the entire VM.


  • 1. Automation: The Key To Hybrid Cloud Michael Ducy Enterprise Architect Chef @mfdii

2. Linux Engineer Operations Performance Engineer Capacity Planning Cloud Architect Automation Chef MBA, MS 3. P2V Your Technical Debt VM Converter 4. Why the technical debt? 5. Failure to capture configurations Manual Changes Not Captured in a repeatable format Changes poorly documented 6. Large cumbersome automation Hard to use Not Repeatable Not Idemoptent Not Convergent 7. Low perceived value of automation Quicker to do it manually Focuses on longer term results Payback period for automation 8. Images are all I need Golden Images Build images to repeat configurations 9. Enter Hybrid Cloud 10. Magic Bits 11. Magic Bits 12. Problems VMs are heavy C2Cing your technical debt Large management overhead Doesnt really realize the benefits of Cloud 13. CFG CF G CF GCFGCF GAutomation CFG CF G 14. Solutions Configs lighter than VMs Reduces moving data already in your Clouds Can leverage things like SCM Define once, run anywhere 15. Problems Requires discipline Doesnt solve data issues Requires upfront investment of time 16. The question isnt: how do I get a server, defined by VM (or instance) into another Cloud to serve my application 17. The question is: how do I get a server, defined by a set of finite configurations, into another Cloud to serve my application 18. Some things Ive seen work Ignore legacy Focus on Cloud first Get development buy-in to change app stack Build Composable, Data Driven Automation 19. Infrastructure as Code 20. TDD of Infrastructure Code Test Driven Development Verify before deployment Reduce development time 21. Leverages Software Development Lifecycle Infrastructure Code stored in Source Control Who, What, When, Why, How 22. Repeatable and Reusable Write once, Run anywhere Cross Cloud, Cross Platform 23. Additional Requirements API Based automation Node based evaluation and execution Declaritive DSL Flexibility of real language 24. Questions? 25. Automation: The Key To Hybrid Cloud Michael Ducy