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Clovis CERT Clovis CERT How the How the Cadre Was Cadre Was Built Built

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Clovis CERT. How the Cadre Was Built. Citizen Volunteers. Quality vs. Quantity Meaningful “Stuff to Do” Capitalizing on Volunteer Interest or innate skills sets It’s not just about disasters It is about partnerships. CERT. Community Benefits: Year round support through volunteer programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Clovis CERTClovis CERT

How the Cadre How the Cadre Was BuiltWas Built

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Citizen VolunteersCitizen Volunteers• Quality vs. Quantity• Meaningful “Stuff to

Do”• Capitalizing on

Volunteer Interest or innate skills sets

• It’s not just about disasters

• It is about partnerships

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CERTCERT• Community Benefits:

– Year round support through volunteer programs

– Reduces burden on first responder services by promoting mitigation and preparedness measures

– Creates well trained, better informed, and better prepared citizens to take care of themselves and others during times of crisis -- allowing first responders to address the most critical needs

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Fire Extinguisher TrainingFire Extinguisher Training

• Farmers Market– Collaboration with

Chamber of Commerce. . FREE!

– Eight Friday evenings from June – September

– Public Information re: CERT and fire extinguisher training for kids

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Heat Wave SupportHeat Wave Support

• Staffed for 5 nights from 5 – 10pm in collaboration with Senior Services Division

• Results– Provided relief for 15 people

displaced by the extreme heat– Made over 160 phone calls to special

needs citizens to ensure they had adequate cooling and were staying hydrated

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Downtown Electrical Parade Downtown Electrical Parade 12/03/1112/03/11

• 12 Members in collaboration with PD– Assignments: Traffic control, parade

route crowd control, barricade placement, transport to PD Command Center

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Sand BaggingSand Bagging• Staffed for two nights in collaboration

with Public Utilities– 1/3/08 – 19 members– 1/4/08 – 12 members– 1600 bags created over two nights– Assignments: filling, loading, distribution to

residents, traffic control

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Mass Care/Shelter TrailerMass Care/Shelter Trailer

• Support for 200• Blankets, Cots, Care Kits• Supplied consistent with ARC

requirements and MOU drafted for deployment out of area by ARC

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Emergency Assistance UnitEmergency Assistance Unit• CERT personnel trained in collaboration with ARC• On-Scene Victim Support

– Clothing

– Child essentials

• Hydration• SCBA bottles

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Emergency Assistance UnitEmergency Assistance Unit

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20102010• Total Volunteer Hours = 8,689• Teen CERT program graduated

42 students at CART• Responded to 4 house fires with

EAU support• Graduated 30 basic CERT

members• 12 personnel certified in

CPR/AED• Provided $200 scholarship to

one Teen CERT graduate• Performed 5 training exercises• Rehabilitated arson destroyed


2008-20092008-2009• StormReady Certification –

1st in the Valley (1/14/08) in collaboration with NWS

– 10 CERT members trained as part of certification

• Station 1 Opening (1/26/08)– Public Education Booth

• Joint MCI Exercise w/ Sacramento CERT (4/19 – 4/20)

• 22 Presidential Service Awards for members with 1,000 hours of service

• Victims– 12 for an MCI drill October

2007– 10 for evacuation drill

3/26/08• CERT graduates come back

to design and proctor full-scale exercises at the end of every subsequent CERT class

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How/Why does it Work?How/Why does it Work?

• Strong Leadership Team comprised of volunteers that hold each other accountable

• Disaster Services Supervisor gets out of the way

• Sense of Community is already strong in Clovis

• COLLABORATION WITH OUR LOCAL PARTNERS– Be creative– Think about joining forces

and blurring boundaries