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  • 1. Dambuza Investments Cluster Mining Project
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  • 5. A change in attitude is the responsibility of everyone, we all must take ownership in building one nation.
  • 6. Diamond Rigs
  • 7. Drive slowly, do not exceed the speed limits
  • 8. Renewable energy is the future
  • 9. Our foot print
  • 10. Mining Projects
  • 11. Keep boths Developments racksn the steering wheel at all times
  • 12. Get the big picture
  • 13. Business Plans
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  • 15. Bridging Finance
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    • No upfront fees
    We offer the % solution program where we solicit funding for our clients , for a referral fee based on a percentage of the funded amount from our portfolio of well qualified private and commercial lenders and investors. We only collect our fee when financing is delivered to you.
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    • Investing in shells Co.
    Listed public companies are preferred or if the company is private they must have a minimum EBITDA of USD$2 million for us to consider investing. If your company or any affiliated companies operate in these growth sectors and seek investment for acquisitions or business expansion please contact me via email. [email_address]
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    • Mind of a Fox
    We are also looking at Mining Commodities& Investments, Engineering Placements, Agriculture, Transport &Logistics, Bio-Fuels, Thermal Energy and Real Estate. We employ the Mind of a Fox approach in performing our operations.
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    • For every one percent growth in agriculture, poverty declines by as much as 2%.With many of the hungry and poverty stricken living in rural areas,
    • They actually depend on agriculture and natural resources for their livelihoods.
    • By investing in agriculture, the local population benefits directly.
    We respond To Conclude