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CNMI Motheread/Fatheread is administered by the Northern Marianas Humanities Council. Enjoy our April 2016 newsletter.


  • Motheread Institute 1-4

    Community Partnerships 5-6

    Taotao Tano-ta:

    Lilia King &

    Celina Foreman


    Schedules 8

    CNMI Motheread/Fatheread Family Literacy Program is administered by the Northern Marianas Humanities Council, in partnership with the

    CNMI Public School System and the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library

    April 2016

    Volume 9 Issue 8

    Inside this issue:

    Congratulations to the 2016 Nationally Certified CNMI Motheread/Fatheread parent trainers! This amazing cadre of volun-

    teers successfully completed the 3-day Motheread Institute held at the Pacific Islands Club in March. Participants includ-

    ed: (SAIPAN) Maria Athens Amaro, Gloria S. Kaipat, Isabel Davis, Rita Demapan, Vernon Lee Inos Manglona, Jennifer

    McQuay, Velma Mafnas, Augustina Jaimatoon, Lianna P. Quitugua, Francisca Kaipat, Sr. Stella Mangona, Marja Lee

    Taitano, Leoralynn Terlaje, Arlene Sandra Satur, Angela Wheat; (ROTA) Bergitt Maratita, Maria Ana Apatang, Ana Maria

    Mendiola; (TINIAN) Marvieluz Syed, and Rose Lazaro.

    Motheread national trainers Gwen Hinton and Gloria Gonzales trained these twenty volunteers on the Motheread philoso-

    phy and teaching approaches, lesson planning and lesson presentation.

    According to National Trainer Gloria Gonzales: Motheread/Fatheread is a literacy program which utilizes multi-cultural/

    lingual quality children's books as tools to begin endless discussions on our personal lives, our hopes, dreams and de-

    sires for our own children, our role in our families and communities. Each session provides a safe space in which we can

    openly share without judgment; we are all teachers and students for one another. A great deal of personal healing takes

    place when we come together and simply talk, laugh, share oral stories, dance, make arts & crafts, sing etc., through

    reading, writing, listening and speaking!

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    Day 3: The 20 participants learned

    marketing strategies and ap-

    proaches for the program. They

    learned about the registration pro-

    cess, attendance and data sheets,

    and were given their evaluations.

    Training Topics covered the


    1. Teaching approaches and

    learning styles: individual as-

    signments, small group work,

    lecture, and discussion

    2. Parents Role in Childrens

    Literacy Development: emergent

    literacy activities, reading aloud,

    building vocabularies and con-


    3. Use of story: thematic analy-


    4. Adult classes: use of parent

    education and literacy develop-

    ment curriculum, instructional

    techniques, lesson planning,

    preparation, and presentations

    5. Evaluation: authentic assess-

    ment, student goals, measuring

    student outcomes, using stand-

    ardized measures

    6. Program implementation:

    start-up, recruitment and reten-

    tion, program development, and

    integration of curriculum into

    existing program structures and


    Participants were evaluated and

    asked to describe the most help-

    ful part (s) of this training?

    Motheread Institute participants


    It is the hands on experience we

    received. The trainers empower

    the participants 100% participation

    through nonjudgmental acknowl-

    edgments and acceptance. We are

    free to add to the curriculum guide

    pertaining to what participants see

    through fulfilling the holistic literacy

    approach-- a proven research

    based program. The value of this

    program is unquestionable.

    The trainers demonstrated the different strategies of reading and how to keep parents-- along with their children-- engaged. The train-ers demonstrated that it should

    always be fun! Great job! I wish I

    would have known or have been

    introduced to this program sooner.

    I love the different techniques and


    This program teaches me how to

    become more open and does not

    single anybody out.

    Participants further shared:

    I enjoyed going into groups and

    sharing knowledge. I enjoyed read-

    ing books together and the art of


    I love the story extenders because

    it gives parents ideas to bring

    home to work with their children.

    They provided real examples and

    practice with constructive comment

    on how to improve.

    The activities because there are so many different strategies to

    read a book to parents and chil-


    What makes this curriculum

    different from other adult curric-

    ulum products?

    Leveled materials given were

    broken out, but made so that they

    could be integrated if you wished.

    (The curriculum) is interactive and

    reflects back to life lessons.

    What I really appreciated about

    this training is the opportunity to

    get hands on experience and as-

    sistance from the two trainers

    Gwen Hinton and Gloria Gonzales.

    They were able to fill in gaps with

    what I am doing. I love the curricu-

    lum. I love how it is easy to ma-

    neuver. I love how we dont have

    to invent the wheel, but instead

    rely on evidence based curriculum.

    Awesome teachers guide!

    To be a Parent Trainer providing

    Mother/Fatheread facilitation re-

    quires dedication, motivation, great

    listening skills, ability to laugh,

    dance, sing, inspire, grow and

    learn together with families one is

    serving. The transformation takes

    place when we enjoy being of

    service to others, when we sin-

    cerely believe that each parent

    wishes the best for their children,

    when we are willing to accept indi-

    viduals where they are at and not

    where we wish them to be. One

    needs to honor, respect and value

    each participant for the gift/s they

    have and help them develop and

    strengthen new ones. As a Parent

    Trainer one needs to be able to be

    transparent and also willing to

    share one's humanness... we are

    not the experts, our life is not per-

    fect, we make mistakes, we hurt,

    we have hopes & wishes just like

    our participants.

    Koblerville Youth Learning Center

    Coordinator and Youth Affairs

    Office Representative Vernon Lee

    Inos-Manglona had this to share:

    Motheread/Fatheread is an awe-

    some program that promotes liter-

    acy skills to not just the parents but

    to everyone who participates in it.

    It also teaches parents the im-

    portance of reading to their chil-

    dren, and how reading certain

    books can teach you life skills, and

    help you cope with family and

    social issues.

    The 3 day training was filled with lots of hands on activities, story-telling, and team bonding. Brief summary of the events:

    Day 1:The National Trainers had the participants experience a Motheread/Fatheread class ses-sion. They had fun dancing and learning various techniques and strategies to promote literacy. They were paired and given home-work to plan out their lessons for the next day.

    Day 2: the 20 participants broke up into 2 groups and facilitated their own class sessions. They planned their lessons and demon-strated to their mini-groups. They were given constructive criticism, feedback, inspirational and motiva-tional instruction.

  • &

    Chalan Kanoa Head Start Center

    Which supplemental materials

    were most helpful?

    The lesson component and story

    extenders will be very helpful in

    planning lessons because of the

    great ideas included.

    I enjoyed the holistic literacy

    instruction. The learner centered


    I believe the planning guide. It

    allowed me to feel more confident

    with the material because of the


    Joeten-Kiyu Public Library Book-mobile Outreach Services Leo-ralynn Terlaje shared her experi-ence, I have been consistently reminding the CNMI Moth-eread/Fatheread to sign me up as a parent trainer for more than a year. Now, that I have completed it, I am truly grateful and thankful for my boss (Erlinda Naputi) for supporting my community involve-ment and for approving my leave to attend this training. The last Motheread Institute was held 6

    years ago. I know that I will be able

    to use what I have learned in my

    training to help further promote

    literacy in my workplace, my fami-

    ly, and my community. Thank you

    so much! I love everything about

    this program and training. It was

    definitely worth it every time I at-

    tended. I enjoyed the explanations,

    the presentations, the motivational

    facilitators, and so much more!

    According to Hinton, One of things

    that we find out about the parents

    that we work with is that they have

    never been read to before; there-

    fore, they dont read to their chil-

    dren. So we worked on reading

    skills how to bring stories to life,

    and how a book can connect to

    your own personal life. It is amaz-

    ing to see the transformation that

    happens after the class is over.

    The parents will usually say, I

    never knew that we can use chil-

    drens books to talk about adult

    issues and adult concerns.

    Gonzales added, We are not just

    reading books; we are also em-

    phasizing the importance of oral

    storytelling traditions.