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  • 1. COCA COLA

2. Type: Manufacturer: Country of Origin: Introduced: Color: Related: Cola The Coca-Cola Company United States 1886 Caramel E-150d Pepsi 3. Flavor: Products: Cola, Cola Cherry, Cola Vanilla, Cola Green Tea, Cola Lemon, Cola Lemon Lime, Cola Lime, Cola Orange And Cola Raspberry. RC Cola, Cola Turka , Kola Real, Inca Kola, Zam Zam Cola, Mecca- Cola, Virgin Cola, Parsi Cola, Qiba Cola, Evoca Cola, Corsica Cola, Breizh Cola, Afri Cola. 4. HISTORY Created in Atlanta, Georgia on 8 May 1886, the first Coca-Cola was described as delicious and refreshing. Not much has changed since then, and theres still nothing better than an ice-cold Coke to quench your thirst. The Coca-Cola contour bottle, which dates back to 1915, is the most recognized packaging in the world today, and the exact formula is a famous trade secret. Over time the Coca-Cola brand has come to mean more than a drink, achieving celebrity status in many spheres of society. It represents the power of optimism and positive thinking. It is happiness in a bottle, it connects people and it brings out the best in the human spirit. Thats why Coke is aligned with properties that embody the brand experience. In South Africa, these feel-good platforms include football, music, holidays, food and summer. Across a range of media channels, youll often hear about the involvement of Coca-Cola in landmark initiatives, like Coca-Cola Football Stars, My Coke Fest, Coke & Food, and much more. Coca-Cola is the only brand in the world to have an entire museum that showcases its history, current reality and future possibility. The New World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta is open to the public and is a must see if you are ever in that city. Coca-Cola contains sugar, high carbonation levels and caffeine. Its real, authentic, original and the best. Its taste is indescribable. 5. PAKISTAN As a part of its drive to enhance the quality, availability, and image of Coca-Cola products, the Coca-Cola Company established a new Company in Pakistan in 1996, by the name of Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited(CCBPL). CCBL started the process of acquiring and investing in locally franchised bottling operations. This process was completed in 2006 and, thereafter, all manufacturing and selling rights of Coca-Cola products are now with Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited. 6. CCBPL is a significant player in the growth of Pakistan's economy. This is quite obvious through the following facts: CCBPL is one of the country's top foreign direct investments in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) business CCBPL is one of the major tax paying beverages company of Pakistan CCBPL directly employs more than 3,000 local people in Pakistan CCBPL creates indirect employment for more than 50,000 people in related industries through its vast procurement, supply & distribution system CCBPL runs many programs to support the social set up of the people of Pakistan 7. Slogans "Dill Hai To Mango Aur" (If you have a heart ask for more") "Khulein Khushian" (Open Happiness") "Kha Le Pee Le Jee Le" (Eat Drink Live") 8. Brand Ambassador 9. Advertisements 10. Proper Advertisement 11. COKE STUDIO 12. Coke Studio Coke Studio is a Pakistani music Television Series which features live Studio-recorded music performances by various artists. The show is produced by the Coca-Cola Company and Frequency Media. Starting in 2008, Coke Studio has been popular throughout the country, receiving critical acclaim and frequently being rebroadcast on numerous television and radio stations. It is one of the most popular music programs in Asia and is a local brand product of Coca Cola. 13. PAKISTANI MUSIC The program focuses on a fusion of the diverse musical influences in Pakistan, including eastern Classical, folk, qawwali, bhangra, Sufi and contemporary Hip hop, rock and pop music. The show provides a platform for renowned as well as upcoming and less mainstream artists, of various genres, regions and languages, to collaborate musically in live studio recording sessions.