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  • 1.Company detailsManufacturer The Coca-Cola CompanyTrade secret The exact formula of Coca-Colas natural flavorings is a trade secret.Country of origin United StatesIntroduced 1886Flavor Cola, Cola Cherry, Cola Vanilla, Cola Green Tea, Cola Lemon, ColaLemon Lime, Cola Lime, Cola Orange and Cola Raspberry.Competitors PepsiThums upParsi Cola

2. Secret of successA global Effective organization structureExact formula of Coca-Colas flavourings is a secretRevolutionary marketing programmes(Mass marketing)Innovative advertisement (stimulates the drive urge)Mass productionSkimming pricing strategy to capture the marketDifferent a local and global strategies 3. How to Production 4. A global and local strategyThe Coca-Cola Company is the worlds largest beveragecompany and is the leading producer and marketer of soft drinks.The Company markets four of the worlds top five soft drinksbrands:The success of The Coca-Cola Company revolves around five mainfactors:A unique and recognised brand - Coca-Cola is among the mostrecognised trade marks around the globeQuality - consistently offering consumers products of the highestqualityMarketing - delivering creative and innovative marketingprogrammes worldwideGlobal availability - Coca-Cola products are bottled and distributedworldwide 5. Good to health Calcium , ascorbic acid, riboflavin, and vitamin A. magnesium, carbonated water was good for the health. Coca-Cola cured many diseases, including morphinedyspepsia, headache. 6. Creative Ads