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Rotary Club of Cochin Lands End Strategic Plan 2012-16



2. Core ValuesRotarys core values represent the guiding principles of the organizations culture, including what guides members priorities and actions within the organization.Values are an increasingly important component in strategic planning because they drive the intent and direction of the organizations leadership.ServiceWe believe that our service activities and programs bring about greater world understanding and peace. Service is a major element of our mission. Through theplans and actions of individual clubs, we create a culture of service throughout our organization that provides unparalleled satisfaction for those who serve.FellowshipWe believe that individual efforts focus on individual needs, but combined efforts serve humanity. The power of combined efforts knows no limitation, multipliesresources, and broadens our lives and perspectives. Fellowship leads to tolerance and transcends racial, national, and other boundaries.DiversityWe believe Rotary unifies all people internationally behind the ideal of service. We encourage diversity of vocations within our membership and in our activitiesand service work. A club that reflects its business and professional community is a club with a key to its future.IntegrityWe are committed to and expect accountability from our leaders and fellow members, both in the results of our efforts and in the processes we use to accomplishour goals. We adhere to high ethical and professional standards in our work and personal relationships. We are fair and respectful in our interactions, and weconscientiously steward the resources entrusted to us.LeadershipWe are a global fellowship of individuals who are leaders in their fields of endeavor. We believe in the importance of leadership development and in leadership asa quality of our members. As Rotarians, we are leaders in implementing our core values.All of these core values are reflected in the Object of Rotary and The Four-Way Test, which we use in our daily lives. They inspire us to foster and support theideal of service for developing and maintaining high ethical standards in human relations.ROTARY CLUB OF COCHIN LANDS END 3. 1. Club goals to support and strengthen the club and its membersWe will:Foster club innovation and exibilityParticipate in a variety of service activitiesPromote membership diversityImprove member retention and recruitmentEncourage strategic planning at the club levelMaintain an open budget to facilitate project planning2. Club goals to Focus and Increase Humanitarian ServiceWe will:Help to eradicate polioIncrease sustainable service focused onNew Generation Programs andThe Rotary Foundations six areas of focusIncrease collaboration and connection with other organizationsCreate signicant projects both locally and internationally3. Club goals to Enhance Public Image and AwarenessWe will:Unify image and brand awarenessPublicize action orientated servicePromote core valuesEmphasize vocational servicePromote networking opportunities and signature activities4. Club goals to Provide Timely Advise to members via the budgetWe will:Prepare the Annual Budget prior to each changeover meetingReview the budget and accounts at board meetings monthlyKeep members informed about fund raising results and disbursements on a regular basisLink all projects to a fund raising activity or eventExpect project leaders to provide an estimated budget at the beginning of each nancial year or prior to the commencement of a projectLarge projects will be expected to appoint a project treasurer other that the club treasurer to manage accountsand expenditure prior,during and after the projects completion.All disbursements of funds must be approved by the board prior to any announcementROTARY CLUB OF COCHIN LANDS END 4. MissionTo provide business, professional, andcommunity leaders an opportunity for service toothers in order to benefit our community and topromote high ethical standards, fellowship, andgoodwill world wide. VisionThe Rotary Club of Cochin Lands End will continue to be the premier Service Club for our communitys service minded leaders of all ages, who enjoy each otherscompany, have fun working together, and are committedto the Rotary motto"Service Above Self"ROTARY CLUB OF COCHIN LANDS END 5. LEADERSHIP PLAN2012-2016 CORE TEAM2012-2016Leadership ChairmanRtn.PP.Cherian.P.C. PRESIDENTRtn.Jayasankar.K. 2012-13Rtn.Dr.A.V.Jose 2013-14Rtn.Ramdas Parakkat 2014-15Rtn.Deepak Kamalasanan2015-16AdvisorsRtn.PP.Dr.Nibit Purkyastha.Rtn.PP.Anilkumar.K.V.Rtn.PP.Krishnamoorthy DharmarajanRtn.Chandiroor Vijayan ROTARY CLUB OF COCHIN LANDS END 6. 1. PROGRAMS SUPPORT AND STRENGTHEN OUR CLUB. Outcome ActionResponsibility Performance IndicatorInnovation and exibilityNew ideas presented will be welcomed and decided MembershipRecords kept of suggestionsfostered.upon quickly by the Board. Development and along with Board decisions.Retention Committee Club member informed of Short picnic by the club members with family toChairmanboard decisions promptly. create more interaction and bonding friendship.Club Service Director Guest Speakers engaged based on member interest and their contributions to community.Membership Diversity Friends of Rotary program developed - membersMembership2 Youngerpromoted.can bring their friends for Speaker Meetings, AfterDevelopment and Professionals under 45 some meetings if their friend is interested club can Retention Committee induct them to membership. ChairmanMember Retention Reasons for members leaving the club obtained. MembershipExit interviews carried by Number leaving and reasons on record.Development and selected board members.Retention Committee Meet them at their work place or residence to know their Chairman problems.Leaders DevelopedPotential leaders developed and mentored for futureThe Board and all Executive positions positions at both the club and district levels members shadowed at club level3 members on Members encouraged to attend at least oneDistrict committees. District seminar or event every year.Core Team selected for2012-2016.Looking Out for Each Other Every week one member to be selected to phoneClub Service Director Reports to all members at other members to attend that meeting.the weekly meeting, if amember of family members Club member or a family member encouraged to is ill or if on leave. contact the President or Club Service Director byHospital and home visits if phone/mail , if they are ill or need to take leave.needed. ROTARY CLUB OF COCHIN LANDS END 7. 2. TO FOCUS ON AND INCREASE HUMANITARIAN SERVICE Outcome ActionResponsibilityPerformance IndicatorPolio eradicatedMembers support the Rotary Foundation Pulse Polio Committee India no longer PolioChairmanendemic country. OnlyParticipate in all National Immunisation Days in ourPakistan/Afganistan/Nigeriacountry and if possible in other countries. International Service is polio endemic.DirectorImmunisation facility at our CommunityUS$ 3000 paid this year toDevelopment Center. TRF.Increase sustainableStart Rotakids, Interact and Roatract Clubs in theCORE TEAMBased on youths participation.service focused oncommunity within two years.Youth programs likeNew Generation Programs Youth Speaks, Youth Photographer, Youth Writer to New Generationsbe conducted every year on a continuting basis as a Directorclub youth project. RYLA, Career Guidance Centreand Give Life (Become an organ donor) Projects.New Generation Youth Projects to be discussed and CORE TEAMExit interviews carried bynalised preferably on a long terms basis as a project ofselected board members.the club on a continuing basis. A community Peace New GenerationForum is planned for the year at our CommunityDirector Report by the AssistantDevelopment Center.Governor.Projects to be discussed and nalised preferably on a CORE TEAMExit interviews carried bylong terms basis as a project of the club on a continuingselected board members.basis.Matching Grant may be utilised. Community ServiceDirector Report by the AssistantMedical Camps, Regular Clinics planned at ourGovernor.Community Development CenterProjects to be discussed and nalised preferably on a CORE TEAMExit interviews carried bylong terms basis as a project of the club on a continuingselected board members.basis.Matching Grant may be utilised. Community ServiceDrinking Water, Hygiene & Sanitation, Community Toilets Director Report by the Assistantprojects.Governor.ROTARY CLUB OF COCHIN LANDS END 8. 2. TO FOCUS ON AND INCREASE HUMANITARIAN SERVICE OutcomeActionResponsibility Performance Indicator Projects to be discussed and nalised preferably on a CORE TEAM Exit interviews carried by long terms basis as a project of the club on a continuing selected board members. basis. Matching Grant may be utilised.Community Service DirectorReport by the Assistant Health Checkup for Mother and Child.Governor. Immunisation Center for Children. Projects to be discussed and nalised preferably on a CORE TEAM Exit interviews carried by long terms basis as a project of the club on a continuing selected board members. basis. Matching Grant may be utilised.New Horizons Director Computer Training for Students. Report by the Assistant Vocational Training for Women.Governor. Women Empowerment. Projects to be discussed and nalised preferably on a CORE TEAM Exit interviews carried by long terms basis as a project of the club on a continuing selected board members. basis. Matching Grant may be utilised.Vocational Service Youth Exchange Program - Group Study Exchange DirectorReport by the Assistant Micro Credit Projects.Governor. Community Projects for Employment Generation. Community Help Center. Rotary Community Festival every year.The Club collaborates andJoin hands with other organisations engaged inCORE TEAM Exit interviews carried byis connected to othercommunity service like Heart Foundation, Kidney selected board members.organisationsFoundation, Organ