Coding & marking essentials in the Dairy Industry

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Linx Printing Technologies help you to understand the various packaging considerations in the current Dairy Industry, and how digital coding solutions can help you to meet the industry's high standards.


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Coding & marking essentials for the Dairy IndustryLinx Printing Technologies Ltd.

OverviewThe changing Dairy IndustryCoding considerations and solutionsLinx coding solutions for the Dairy Industry

The changing Dairy IndustryAccording to Mintel (2013), weight management is one of the major global trends changing the nature of the Dairy Industry, affecting packaging size and shape

More of an emphasis is placed on:Reducing packaging size for portion controlMaking packaging easier to get intoSustainable packaging materials

The changing Dairy Industry (cont.)Portion control is a growing consideration amongst consumers themselves and parentsThis has led to growth of lunchbox market snack packs etc.

Consumers keen on lighter and more convenient packagingMilk and milk drinks shifting from glass to HDPE bottlesShift towards on the go consumption

Milk production may shift to mega dairies

Coding considerations When coding in the Dairy Industry, there are keychallenges to be met:

Code accuracy at high speed

Codes that stay put in the right place

Ease of use

Code accuracy at high speedThe challenge:As dairy pack designers seek new ways to provide on-shelf impact, the amount of space for functional information continues to be squeezedLegislative requirement for codes on food products to be of a certain sizePrinters have to be able to delivery accurate code onto what may be a small area

The flexible solution:Flexible coding equipment gives you the option to print onto different substrates, allowing you to meet shifting consumer demandsPrintheads that can print from various angles are highly advantageous for coding onto a range of dairy pack shapesTraversing printhead functionality delivers accurate coding on multi-lanes

Codes that stay putThe challenge:Smudged codes can result in wasted productWet/cold conditions on typical dairy production lines can affect code integrity, and printer reliability

The specialist solution:Specialist quick drying inks are developed specifically to ensure codes do not rub off, even when moisture is presentIP55 rated or stainless steel enclosures provide reliable operation

Ease of useThe challenge:Product changeovers can waste valuable timeCost of errors can be substantial

The intuitive solution:Printers with intuitive interfaces save time during product changeovers when new codes are enteredPrompted coding fields further decrease time of changeoversRemote control features reduce risk of coding errors

Linx coding solutions for the Dairy IndustryContinuous Ink JetCan print on most substratesFlexibleCan be moved quickly from line to lineQuick to install

Large Character MarkingWell suited for printing onto secondary packaging e.g. Cardboard boxesCan print high resolution qualityEasy to set up and adjustReliable and predictable cost of ownership

Linx coding solutions for the Dairy IndustryLaserNo ink, and therefore no drying time or risk of smudgingSuitable for a wide range of substratesLow down time High-speed capability

Thermal Inkjet PrintersFlexible coding for both outer cases and primary packagingHigh resolution print qualityCost effective for slower production lines

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