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Cal Poly


  • 1. Cody Heinsohn Period:6

2. Cal Poly1 Grand AvenueSan Luis Obispo, CA 93405(805) 756-1111 3. History of Cal Poly In 1960 a plane crash happened. It was carrying 16mustang football player. There are 2 Cal Poly campuses. Cal Poly was founded Myron Angel and was founded in1901. 4. Tuition.In-state Tuition & Fees $7,911 $8,523 In-state Tuition $5,472$8,523 Out-of-state Tuition & Fees $19,071 $17,451 Out-of-stateTuition $16,632 $17,451 Flat Fee $2,439 -- Per Credit Hour Fee$0 -- Graduate 2011-2012 2012-2013In-state Tuition $6,738Fee 2011-2012 2012-2013 Typical Room Fee $5,888 -- TypicalBoard Fee $4,556 -- Typical Room & Board $10,444 $10,677Typical Cost of Books $1,698 $1,737 5. DegreesBA - Bachelor of ArtsBS - Bachelor of ScienceBAR - Bachelor of ArchitectureBLA - Bachelor of Landscape ArchitectureBFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art & Design 6. Major I would major in construction management. Iwould major in that because I would like tobe in construction. 7. Curriculum of major. You need 198 credits to graduate in constructionmanagement. 8. CelebritiesForest Whitaker went to Cal Poly Panama.Chuck "the Iceman" Liddell went to Cal Poly. 9. Why I want to go to Cal Poly. I want to go to Cal Poly because one of the campusesis about 30 miles from Pismo beach. Also becausethey have the degree I want to major in. 10. References.