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  • Coins, Tokens & Banknotes Wednesday 31 July 2013 12.00noon Viewing: Tuesday 30 July 9am 5pm and morning of sale


    1 India, Mughal Empire Gold Mohur of Emperor Shah Jahan (1628-1658), square area type, AH104(4?), 10.82g, GFIne/Fine 200 - 300

    2 Ottoman Empire, Gold Altin of Sultan Suleyman I (1520-1566), mint Misr (Egypt), 3.42g, GFIne 80 - 120

    3 Kushan Empire (Ancient Bactria) Gold Dinar of Vasudeva I (circa 190-230 AD), obv. king sacrificing over fire-altar, rev. god Shiva holding trident, bull Nandi behind, legends in Bactrian, 7.88g, full flan, good detail both sides VF 180 - 250

    4 Umayyad Caliphate (Syria) Gold Dinar, AH95 (713-714AD), 4.25g, full flan, clear & well struck legends both sides VF+ 100 - 150

    5 3 x English Hammered Coins: Charles I shilling MM eye, Briot's bust with stellate lace collar & double-arched crown, rev. square-topped shield, irregular flan, 5.8g, Fine to GFine; Henry VIII halfgroat, Canterbury Mint with Uncertain MM, WA beside shield (Archbishop Warham), small hole in field to right of bust o/wise full flan with mostly clear legends AFine & Charles I halfgroat, 4

    th bust with inner circles

    both sides, oval shield without CR, clipped (including MM) from 12 to 3 o'clock, holed below denomination, Fair/VG, together with James II shilling 1685, holed at 12 o'clock o/wise AFine 40 - 60

    6 Edward VI Crown 1551, MM Y, clear date & legends & full, round flan, generally good edge & surfaces, king & horse weak, dark grey/blue tone, VG to AFine 300 - 400

    7 Charles I Shilling, Tower Mint, MM worn, large 'Briot's' bust with stellate lace collar, double-arched crown, rev. square-topped shied over cross Moline, irregular flan with parts of legends missing but full weight at 6.1g & quite good portrait & shield detail, overall AFine to Fine & Charles I penny MM worn, obv. bust with '1' behind, inner beaded circle, rev. oval shield, no inner circle or CR; portrait & 2 quarters of shield flat o/wise AFine & an Edward I penny, London Mint, Poor/VG 30 - 50

  • 8 Peru, Colonial Cob Coinage Silver 8 Reales 172(0?), obv. Cross of Jerusalem, lions & castles in quarters, rev. pillars, PLVS VLTRA etc, outer legends worn both sides; holed at 12 o'clock, .931 silver, 26.5g, visible details AFine for issue; France Louis XII (1498-1515) billon douzain au porc-epic (porcupine douzain), obv. LVDOVI(CVS) FRANCORVM RE(X) around crowned shield, porcupine below, rev. (SIT N)OMEN (DN)I BENEDICTVM around plain cross, fleurs de lis in angles, scarce, Fair to VG; Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy IV AE38, obv. head of Zeus Ammon, rev. eagle on thunderbolt, VG 50 - 70

    9 Elizabeth I, 5 x Silver Coins (different denominations) comprising: shilling 7


    issue MM 2, full, round flan, bold legends, obv. some surface crackling & light scratches, shield & portrait detail weak o/wise Fine, legends better; sixpence 1570 3


    th issues MM

    coronet, intermediate bust, lightly clipped & flat spots in legends AFine; threepence 1575 3


    th issues, MM

    eglantine, digs both sides o/wise full, round flan Fine or+; halfgroat 7

    th issue,

    London Mint MM 1, light obv. scratches but some portrait & shield detail VG & penny 6

    th issue, London Mint, MM A,

    VG 80 - 120

    10 4 x English Hammered Silver Coins comprising: Edward II penny, London Mint, portrait detail weak o/wise AFine; Edward III halfgroat, London Mint MM cross 1, Pre-Treaty period with French title, Lombardic M & R with wedge-shaped tail (S1565), portrait flat & edge faults, clear legends, portrait Fair o/wise Fine; Henry VIII halfgroat, 2

    nd coinage, Canterbury Mint, MM cross

    patonce, W A beside shield (Archbishop Warham), parts of shield & portrait weakly struck but full, round flan, with full, clear legends, nicely toned GFine to AVF & James I sixpence 1605 3

    rd bust (MM worn),

    obv. scratches & corroded surfaces, edge chip below bust between 5 & 7 o'clock, flat spots in legends but good portrait detail AFine 60 - 80

    11 Mary, Groat MM lis, rev. POSVIMVS etc, slightly ragged edge at 12 o'clock but most of legends clear & some detail in bust & shield, AFine to Fine 80 - 120

    12 Elizabeth I, 10 x Silver Coins comprising: 2 x threepences: 1575 MM eglantine & 1573 MM acorn, holed in field at 10 o'clock; 4 x half groats: MM 2, MM escallop, holed at 6 o'clock, MM woolpack, scratches & MM cross crosslet; 4 x pennies: MM crescent, MM Greek Cross & two with worn mintmarks; generally low grades Fair to VG 40 - 60

  • 13 16 x English Hammered Silver Coins including: Richard II penny, MM cross pattee, York Mint, King's name clear but no portrait detail; Henry VIII 'sovereign' penny, Durham Mint, Bishop Tunstall, C D beside shield; Elizabeth I threehalfpence 1561 MM pheon, James I, 3 x pennies (rose & thistle type), one holed & Charles I, 2 x halfgroats & 3 x pennies; various grades, generally Fair to AFine, a couple Poor 50 - 70

    14 Charles I Gold Crown, MM lis, 1

    st bust,

    king in Coronation robes, double-arched crown & square-topped shield, good portrait, 2.3g, VF 300 - 350

    15 8 reales silver cob, salvaged from the Spanish fleet which sank off the coast of Florida in 1715; Mexico City Mint, obv. Royal Shield of Philip V, rev. floriated cross with lions & castles; .93 silver (tested & verified) underweight at 21.95g (normal weight 27-28g), some surface corrosion, with certificate of authenticity, AFine for issue 30 - 40

    16 Elizabeth I Shilling, 6

    th issue, MM bell,

    obv. faint capital 'E' scratched in field behind bust, minor flat spots in legends o/wise full flan, toned Fine to GFine; James I shilling, 2

    nd coinage, 3

    rd bust,

    MM lis, obv. scratches & light pitting both sides, very lightly clipped between 9 & 10 o'clock o/wise clear legends & quite good shield detail Fine to GFine & Elizabeth I sixpence 1561, 3



    issue, MM pheon, crease from 10 to 4 o'clock & 3 quarters of shield flat, bust worn Poor o/wise VG 50 - 70

    17 Miscellaneous Lot comprising: 11x English Silver Coins: Henry II short cross penny, Worcester Mint, Osbern on Wi(ric), moneyer's name clear o/wise creased & cracked Poor, Edward I, 2 x pennies London Mint, Edward II, 5 x pennies, London Mint(x3) & Canterbury Mint(x2), Edward III penny York Mint chipped Fair, a Commonwealth penny, an Edward III halfgroat York Mint, together with a continental imitation (esterling) of an Edward I penny York Mint, generally VG to Fine unless o/wise graded & Roman: 15 x AE3/4 including Probus, Claudius Gothicus, Tetricus, Helena, Crispus etc, all identifiable, generally Fine or+ & 2 x 15

    th century lead tavern

    tokens 50 - 70

    18 Commonwealth Gold Crown 1653, MM sun, full round flan, 2.24g, small dig in obv. field o/wise AVF to VF 1500 - 2000

    19 Edward III Quarter Noble, MM cross 3, London Mint, Treaty Period, lis in rev. centre & curule-shaped X, full round flan, 1.88g, VF 400 - 450

    20 James I Quarter Laurel, 3rd coinage MM lis, bust with two loose tie-ends; irregular edge in parts, good portrait & shield detail, 2.26g, VF (S2642) 450 - 550

    21 Edward IV Ryal (Rose Noble), MM sun, slightly crimped but full round flan, 7.68g, (118.6 grains) GVF 1500 - 1800

  • 22 Henry V Noble MM pierced cross, 6.97g (107.2 grains), broken annulet on side of ship & quatrefoil in one angle of rev. cross, saltire stops, full, perfectly round flan, very attractive, virtually EF 1800 - 2500

    23 Edward III Noble, Pre-treaty Period with French title, MM cross 3, Lombardic M & N, tiny lis by one lion on rev, saltire stops, 7.66g (118.4 grains), E in centre of rev, EF 1800 - 2500

    24 Charles I Unite MM castle, group B, 2


    bust in ruff, armour & mantle, single-arched crown, minor marks, full round flan & lightly toned in legends, 9.06g, VF or+ 1200 - 1500

    25 Henry VIII Angel, 1

    st coinage, MM

    castle, rev. h & rose, 5.19g (79 grains), full round flan, very attractive, virtually EF 1800 - 2500

    26 Henry VIII Angel, 1

    st coinage, MM

    castle, h & rose on rev. 5.06g (78 grains) AVF to VF 1000 - 1500

    27 Charles II Hammered Gold Unite, MM crown, 2

    nd issue with mark of value

    (XX), 9.01g, a few trivial marks & minor die flaw at top of shield o/wise full round flan, lustrous VF VERY RARE 3500 - 4000

    28 Commonwealth Gold Unite 1653, MM sun, 9.12g, trivial marks & slightly irregular flan in parts o/wise lustrous VF to GVF 3800 - 4500

    29 Charles I Gold Crown, MM lis, 1

    st bust,

    King in Coronation robes, double-arched crown & square-topped shield, full flan, GVF 450 - 550

    30 James I Laurel, MM rose, wider ties, full round flan with very good detail in bust & especially in shield, very good edge & surfaces, 9g, lustrous AEF 1200 - 1500

    31 Edward III Half Noble, Transitional Treaty Period (1361), rev. annulets at corners of central Panel, 3.81g, AVF/VF+ 800 - 1200

    32 James I, Quarter Laurel, MM thistle (MM after REGNA), 2 loose tie-ends, flat spots in legends but good portrait & very good shield detail, 2.25g, GFine/VF 250 - 300

    33 Edward VI Half Sovereign, London Mint MM Y, crowned bust, rev. SCVTVM etc, bust & shield weakly struck & a few light hairlines but full round flan & full clear legends, 4.42g, overall Fine (legends better), RARE 1200 - 1500

    34 Elizabeth I Gold Half Pound, 2


    issue, MM cross crosslet, young crowned bust, beaded inner circles, very light vertical crease through bu


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