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Library presentation


  • Its Not Your Mothers Library!

    Kate MacMillan

    Michelle Holguin

  • .it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness

  • closing libraries & cutting staff

  • in a revolution of information retrieval

  • how to provide innovative solutions

    to free range learners?

  • time to transform

  • digital citizenship

    cultural literacy

    global knowledge

  • the future requires

    letting go of stereotypes and misconceptions

    commitment to change

    vision of the library as relevant

    participatory librarianship

  • library of the future


    continually changing

    conduit for innovation, creativity &


  • interact, create & communicate

  • relationships are the cornerstone of

    libraries and participation

  • now is the time

    model transliteracy to encourage digital fluency

  • explosion of information & gradual

    disintegration of traditional publishing

  • provide content in various formats

    eBooks digital textbooks

    audio visual print

  • no shelf required

  • free range learners are device agnostic

  • smartphones, iPads, tablets, notebooks,

    Kindles, eReaders, iPods, computers and print

  • connect, communicate, collaborate &


  • provide content through partnerships

  • Napa County Library Collaboration

    SNAP eCards

    SNAP Databases



    Homework Help

    Study Center

    Homework Hold Forms

    Visual Catalog for Kids & Adults

  • American Canyon High School

    Follett Shelf AXIS 360 One Search Kindles ECHO Digital Resources

  • NVUSD Digital Blueprint

    High Schools, Middle Schools = BYOD

    Digital Textbooks Increase eBook collections 25%

    audio Device Agnostic /Platform Specific

  • I believe the best days of librarianship are

    ahead of us. (Lankes)

  • Thanks to Bobbi Newman & Buffy Hamilton