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    Collaboration in the Cloud

    Collaboration tools are fundamentally changing the education landscape in K12 schools and in colleges and universities. Tools like video conferencing and telepresence, on-demand video, Cisco WebEx, and Cisco WebEx Social help educators teach beyond the four walls of the classroom, so that students can participate in classes and consume information from virtually any location. Video and collaboration technology is enabling students, faculty, and administrators to communicate and share ideas in new and flexible ways, expanding opportunities to learn and grow.

    Cloud computing is critical in supporting and accelerating this kind of collaboration. Cloud technologies enable the delivery of collaboration services in an as-a-service model, making advanced collaboration capabilities accessible to schools and universities while minimizing the need for upfront investment and for building deep expertise in these technologies. Schools are now able to take advantage of voice, video, and mobility applications to provide new learning opportunities by shifting from a capital expenditures (CapEx) to an operating expenses (OpEx) funding model.

    Cloud collaboration with the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) delivers the advantages of Cisco Collaboration technology, with the financial, operational, and strategic benefits associated with cloud services.

    Cisco HCS is now even more accessible to K12 schools. In 2007, the Federal E-Rate program expanded the Priority-1-eligible services to include interconnected voice over IP (iVoIP). The iVoIP services based on the Cisco HCS may be eligible for Priority 1 funding under the E-Rate program, which provides discounts of up to 90 percent for the cost of telecommunications services to eligible K12 schools and libraries.

    Cisco HCS Delivers Value for Education

    By accessing collaboration services through the cloud, K12 schools and higher education institutions can provide Cisco Collaboration solutions to students, teachers, and administrators regardless of their location on campus.

    Cisco HCS provides cloud-based unified communications and collaboration applications within a highly secure, cloud-ready, virtualized platform under a centralized management system. This model of delivering collaboration services is enabling schools to mitigate technology risk while reducing the upfront investment, allowing schools to pay on a per-month basis. The result is that schools can reap the benefits of new collaboration technology while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

    Benefits of Cisco HCS for Students Instant collaboration with classmates and effective interaction with teachers and professors for guidance and feedback Flexible learning environments that empower students to learn in the best way for them Greater access to resources outside the classroom

    Benefits of Cisco HCS for Teachers Improved communications with other teachers and institutions, as well as with students, parents, and administrators Ability to accommodate student learning styles Greater opportunities for continued development

    Benefits of Cisco HCS for Administrators Accelerated communications between departments Reduced OpEx through video meetings instead of travel Expanded offerings: teachers are able to teach from anywhere to students anywhere Improved school safety and security with network-powered solutions that deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right people

    Benefits of Cisco HCS for IT Increased IT agility through standardized and consolidated services and management Optimized resources and capital More efficient resource management, allowing IT staff tofocus on other projects

    With Cisco HCS, schools and universities can realize the benefits of deploying Cisco Collaboration solutions wherever and whenever they are needed. Collaborative learning inspires new connections between students, teachers, schools, and the community, enables learning anytime and anywhere, and helps transform learning environments to meet the needs of next-generation learners.

  • 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.


    One Solution, Many Options

    Many funding options are available for schools and universities that are looking to expand their collaboration capabilities through Cisco HCS. A comprehensive funding strategy can help you implement new technology sooner and accelerate your ROI.

    Work with Cisco to overcome budget constraints and address changing demands that limit your ability to purchase and deploy critical technology. We provide solutions that will reduce costs and enhance the learning environment.

    Funding options include: Grants: Government funds that support IT initiatives for education at state and local levels. E-Rate program: Federally funded program for eligible K12 schools and libraries. This program is one of the largest sources of technology funding, resulting in Internet access for U.S. schools and libraries. Financing: Cisco offers competitive and flexible financing options for technology upgrades and new deployments.


    Working with a Cisco representative can help you decipher the many grant programs available for education IT initiatives. Cisco has years of expertise working with schools and universities to provide useful information and support regarding possible grant opportunities.

    E-Rate Program

    Beginning in funding year 2007, the FCC added a new class of P1 service: Interconnected Voice over IP (iVoIP). iVoIP services based on the Cisco HCS may be eligible for Priority 1 funding under the Federal E-Rate program. As schools and libraries look to implement iVoIP solutions, its critical that they position their iVoIP solution within a larger collaboration architecture to meet their needs.

    Cisco Capital Financing

    Cisco Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco, is uniquely positioned to help you customize a payment solution to meet your needs and help ensure rapid implementation of Cisco HCS for your classrooms. Cisco Capital offers: A low-cost alternative: Cisco Capital has many financial options that deliver predictable payment streams, accelerate ROI, and simplify budget management. Education expertise: All payment plan options are compliant with education requirements and will cover what grants do not. Flexible payment structures: Flexible payment plans are designed to meet your budget cycles and maximize the impact of your technology investments. Comprehensive plan: Alternative payment plans will cover the entire solution, including all products, software, services, and third-party equipment.

    Cisco can help you bridge the gap between technology requirements and budget availability for education.

    For more information on flexible financing through Cisco Capital, visit:

    For more information about Cisco HCS in Education visit

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    Flexible Funding Options for Upgrading to or Investing in Cisco HCS


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