Collaborative design workshop preparation - Introduction to sketching

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Introduction to sketching for National Library of Australia staff in preparation for collaborative design workshops.


1. Collaborative design workshop Introduction and how to sketch 2. Background 3. Why? Challenge of doing good design work Explore as many options as possible Come up with solid design solutions 4. We need a tool that Avoids unnecessary detail Reveals the best of multiple solutions Gets everyone's input and by in 5. Collaborative design sessions Sketch > Present > Critique (Iterate) 6. Sketching 7. Sketchboard 8. Come up with the best solution 9. Introduction to sketching 10. Interaction design sketching How your idea works on the page and then communicate that to other people 11. Interaction design sketching Information Interface structure Flow 12. Sketching Its not about bad or good Can you see it? Can you understand it 13. Tools 14. Tools for sketching Markers Templates (6up and 1up) 15. Rules of thumb Use markers not pencils If you mess up keep going 16. Warm up exercises 17. Drawing lines 1. Use the small point of your marker 2. Draw a series of horizontal lines in one box 3. Draw vertical lines in the next box Try drawing from your shoulder Try drawing at different speeds See what works for you 18. Lines and rectangles experiment 1. Turn your page over 2. Fill the page with overlapping rectangles at least 10 3. Choose one rectangle and highlight it yellow 4. Use a fat sharpie and outline 3 rectangles 5. Shade 3 rectangles with a grey marker 19. Homework 20. Your homework Practice your sketching Send me an email of a product that you think that the redeveloped LA search should be like and why