collaborative economy: a possible bridge from the old to the new economy?

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Presentation @ inauguration of the 1. Seats2Meet location in Berlin on the 17.07.2014. Attempt to describe and contrast characteristics and features of an old and a new economy (society/paradigm) and discuss the question whether the Share/Collaborative Economy could be a possible bridge and means of transformation from the former to the later (slides 14 - 24). Preceded by slides dealing with the components, aspects and implication of the collaborative economy and concluding with slides explaining OuiShare. Other speakers: Felix Weth (CEO fairnopoly) about cooperative 2.0 & Ronald van den Hoff (CEO Seats2Meet) about Society 3.0


  • Share/Collaborative Economy One possible bridge from the old to the new economy / society / paradigm? Picture: cc: Wikipedia By Thomas Dnnebrink, Connector Germany / Freelance Expert Collaborative Economy Presentation @ inauguration of the 1. Seats2Meet location in Berlin on the 17.07.2014. Other speakers: Felix Weth (CEO fairnopoly) & Ronald van den Hoff (CEO Seats2Meet)
  • 1. What is the Collaborative Economy?
  • 1. Decade| Collaboration & sharing online 2001 2004 2004 1999 2003 2001 2005 2003 2005 Digital Good Music knowledge links Texts Photos Videos
  • 2. Decade| Collaboration & sharing offline
  • Quelle: Rachel Botsman
  • 2. ARBEITEN | Coworking spaces Ca. 2500 weltweit ca. Europa 2013/02 growth locations 83% by user 117%.
  • 2. Collaborative Production 335+ Fablabs/1000+ Hackerspaces weltweit, 40/30% in Europa
  • Spaces Tools Open Hardware Communities Democratization of production Marketplaces
  • 3. Open |Knowledge / Software / Hardware
  • Crowd funding Crowd lending Crowd investing 4. Finances | Collaborative Finance
  • Share/Collaborative Economy One possible bridge from the old to the new economy/society/paradigm? Picture: cc: Wikipedia
  • Old Economy vs. New Economy Old Economy Market / Trade Economy New Economy (Collaborative? Cocreative? P2P? Care?) Push economy Hard way lot of WOM Pull economy Smart way lot of WOW Greed Economy Take as much as you can. Give as little as possible Need Economy Give as much as you can. Take what you need. Extractive / Explotive / Ego-centric Externalising costs (Zombie / Fossil Economy) Additive / Contributive / Eco-centric Holistic view internalising costs focus on products: what comes in. Getting richer Focus on people: what goes out. Being better off / getting smarter Tendency: inequality, homogenization Tendency: more equality, diversification Transition: Movements: Share/Collaborative Econ Solidarity Econ Gemeinwohl Econ - TT Enables people to get efficiently what they need from each other
  • Conception of the World Homo economicus Homo collaborans Scarcity Abundance (Credit-financed) Money to determine, exchange & capture value / value chain Focus: quantity (altruistic) gift? (asynchronic) reciprocity? Value networks mesh Focus: quality Private ownership Default: exclusion Systemic enclosure / closed / silos / Common ownership: Commons Default: inclusion Openness/transparency, Transaction - Products Connection - People Transition: Better Access, better use, better distribution complementary currencies time banks - Barter mutual exchange Shared assetts access trumps ownership Opening up, fading/dissolving boundaries, connection Service Marketplace - Platform
  • Aspect: Ownership
  • Planet & Environment Growing Exploitation Quickening disposal - Increasing levels of (toxic) waste Closed cycle Linear (-> scarcity) Circular (-> no scarcity) Degenaration Regeneration Great Pacific Garbage Patch Poisoning of food chain 19-year-old Boyan Slat Im going to do something to clean up the oceans 1.174.000 $ raised from 23245 backers Picture: cc Wikipedia Picture: Transition: Sustainability Resilience Better use & higher utilization of assetts & less waste
  • People Default: static (fulfilling 1 Role: = dependencies, other-directed One Profession/Job/Task Default: dynamic (N Role = options /autonomous) Self-determined Multiple opportunities dichotomies Producer : Consumer (passive) Employee : Employer Privat : Public Prosument (active options) / Co-Creator Microentrepreneur / Knowmads Total transparency? Education (what people do to you) Learning (what you do to yourself) Motivation Default: extrinsic regulation/control/punishment/incentives Default: intrinsic (authentic) Transition: Two directional (roles) (marketplace) Blurring grey areas disruption Collapse / Concurrence of (certain) dichotomies
  • Interaction independent/isolated entities (states, corporations, individuals) Separation/Separatness (Independence/Dependence) network of connected entities (P2P) Connectedness (Interdependence) (Interbeing) Competition working against each other Dog-eat-dog-society Compatative advantage through exploitation/exlusion/monopolization Collaboration Co-Creation collaborating with each other. Trust-enhancing-society compartir para competir Compatative advantage through sharing Mistrust (stranger) checks&balances/regulations/laws/control (Mutual) Trust (friends) Transition: Connecting -> Sharing > Exchanging experiences > Co-creating/collective action Trust builiding mechanisms: stranger -> franger -> friends
  • Interaction No intermediaries P2P Intermediaries State & corporations Old Economy P2P Economy Efficiencies Transparenciesintransparencies
  • Aspect: Intermediaries Old Economy P2P Economy Worker: $ 0.12 Buyer: $ 14.00 Worker: $ 7.00? Buyer: $ 14.00
  • Organisation Static entities Dynamic / flexible / Ad-hoc entities Hierarchical pyramid (Top down rule) - (tendency: centralization, burocratication, commodification, homogenisation, Peer network (Pancake society) (Horizontal Self-organisation) Controlling, directing, managing, planning, stocking, mapping/budgeting, anticipating, executing Trusting, coordinating , Ad-hoc creating/facilitating, surfing, flexible, Ad- hoc evaluation/analysis, experimenting Dividing of tasks & responsibilities compartementailzation / specialisations Connecting, pooling, coordinating, cocreating, Clear predefined objectives/procedures Clear responsibilities, liability Ad-hoc objectives & not clear responsibilities, liability !! high fix costs / established structures -> inflexible/immobile Lean -> more flexible/mobile Transition: Sociocracy? holocracies? Decentralization? Distribution?
  • Organisation Static Sluggish Dynamic / flexible / Ad-hoc Hierarchical pyramid Peer network Pancake society Top down rule Horizontal Self-organisation High Fix costs Lean / Low Fix costs Baran Network Lonely Star Innovation Before Here -> Innovation Now at the edges
  • WIKISPEED an open source car achieving 100 MPG 1st Prototype built in 3 months by 40 volunteers with almost no budget. Product cycle = 7 days / whole car can be dismantled & re-build with a few hours TRADITIONAL/CENTRALIZED/VERTICAL AUTOMOTIVE Product cycle = 7 years is inefficient, because the cost to make change and innovate is HUGE.
  • It is time to start caring about sharing| The Economist
  • coworking crowdfunding
  • The Collaborative Economy is changing How we ... ... live, travel & move around ... learn, work, produce & finance ... experience our environment & communal life ... think & act And finally ... our values & the story still keeping alive our contemporary unsustainable economic & social system. The end of business as usual ? Some call it the P2P (R)Evolution.
  • Vision| A Peer-to-Peer society based on ... collaboration, sharing & openness
  • What is
  • OuiShare = global community, think and do-tank. Our mission is to build and nurture a collaborative and sharing society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust. Shared values & Principles Openness Transparency Independence Impact Feedback - Action MeetPeopleInRealLife PermanentBeta - Inclusion - Play
  • figures 100+ FB groups 2000+ active users OuiShare 2.0 300+ Articles (FR/EN/ES) 30.000+ Unique Visitors/Monat 17.500+ Facebook Fans 11.100+ Twitter Followers