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  • 8/22/2019 Collaborative, Engaging & Influential Leadership: Insights from Neuroscience.


    You can do less of what doesnt workand do e of what does

    based on the latest brain science.

    Cllbive, Ei d IlueilLedesip d Selli

    26-27 Sept, 2013in Bondi Junction

    InSIghtS from nEuroSCIEnCE

    J PleNeuroleadership

    Expert andHigh Performance


    Jon guides

    and supports

    you through

    immersion in a

    variety of learning

    activities, in the

    process sharing

    the latest scientifc

    discoveries about

    the brain (in

    pli elis).He will then help

    you apply these

    discoveries into

    practical and

    effective action.

    Discover the latest neuroscience relating to human performance and solve your leadership

    and management challenges.

    Tangible Benets

    You will leave the program with greater clarity, condence, and passion, armed with brain

    friendly strategies and tools to:

    better engage and inuence your own

    mind, emotions and behaviours

    improve your ability to engage and

    inuence others

    better manage stress and improve the

    quality of your relationships and wellbeing

    maximise collaboration, productivity and


    replace ineffective habits, with those that

    better serve you and those around you

    build, maintain and improve team


    Our knowledge and understanding of the brain has increased as much in the last 10 years as

    in the previous 400. Much of what we knew about the brain has been turned on its head by

    the advent of breakthrough technology such as new methods for brain scanning, which allow

    us to see the brain at work. Neuroscience gives us a much richer understanding of people.

    When paired with the latest research in management and leadership, the discoveries enable us

    to more effectively shape the thinking and behaviour of individuals and organisations.

    Get a head start by using the latest scientic discoveries to transformyu udesdi wy peple ik d beve s ey d.

    Cac J day: 0414 369 412 - sccess@jpale.c

    For info and bookings, visit: p://ledeeusciece.evebie.c.u

  • 8/22/2019 Collaborative, Engaging & Influential Leadership: Insights from Neuroscience.


    W is euledesip?Neuroscience gives us a much richerunderstanding of people. When pairedwith the latest research in managementand leadership, the discoveries enable usto more effectively shape the thinking andbehaviour of individuals and organizations.

    Findings in neuroscience about biases,emotion and brain plasticity provideleaders with new approaches for helpingleverage these challenges.

    Our approach will engage your brain andemotions to widen perspectives, expandcomfort zones and increase self-awareness.Learning activities include group andone-on-one simulations and self-reection.You will not only become more effective asa leader, you are guaranteed to leave withtools to improve your own well-being.

    W suld picipe?

    Business owners, leaders, managers, team leaders and inuencers High potential individuals aspiring to a leadership role

    Anyone who wants to develop emotional intelligence skills to

    prepare for challenges

    Anyone looking for a powerful personal or professional

    development program

    A different way of thinkingabout leadership and sellingbased on the latest scienticdiscoveries

    Neuroplasticity howthe brain changes itself inresponse to new experiences

    The power of focus tochange your brain

    Neurogenesis - new braincells and optimising theirproduction

    Strategies for optimisingperformance and calmingnerves

    How to harness changepotential in others

    The impact chronic stresshas on the brain and howto minimize that stress

    How to help your teamcontrol their emotionalreactivity and enhancetheir thinking, engagementand productivity

    Why stories, not logic andobjectivity are the languageof the brain

    Identifying and overcomingself-limiting beliefs andbehaviours

    Specic techniques for havingdifcult conversations

    Effective decision-making

    te sei cves ledi ede discveies, icludi:

    PILot Program EnroLmEnt oPtIonS (50% off thE normaL fEE)

    opi 1

    2 day seminar : $1,285+GST

    Early bird: $985+GST(paid in fullby Aug. 30)

    opi 2

    2 day seminar plus ee 1-hour individual

    neuro-coaching sessions: $2,285+GST

    Early bird: $1,985+GST

    (paid in full by Aug. 30)

    opi 3

    2 day seminar plus e 1-hour individual

    neuro-coaching sessions: $4,985+GST

    Early bird: $3,785+GST

    (paid in full by Aug. 30)

    Contact Jon today: 0414 369 412 -

    Pise cili J Ple

    An experienced and passionate facilitator, Jonis brilliant at challenging peoples currentthinking regarding their effectiveness.

    John Eales Wallabies Captain

    Moral, attitude, mutual respect, understandingand cooperation all improved. Tensions eased.Jon far exceeded my expectations.

    Mike Parsons CEO, GE Capital Finance

    The program Jon Pratlett developed anddelivered for the bank was a great successbecause it dealt, very practically, with how tocreate success itself.

    John Carroll Project Integration Head, Westpac

    For info and bookings, visit: p://ledeeusciece.evebie.c.u

    J PleTwo-time Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Finisher