collaborative partnerships – what’s in it for me? paul wilkinson head of corporate partnerships

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Collaborative Partnerships whats in it for me? Paul Wilkinson Head of Corporate Partnerships Slide 2 CPD Career Progression Recognised Benchmarked Awards Member Recruitment Enhanced Service Offerings Member Retention Industry Development Aggregation of demand New revenue streams Develop Curriculum Links to employers Slide 3 Case Study 1: Quarry/Asphalt Industries Certificate in Ready Mixed Concrete Technology Certificate of Achievement: Concrete Technology Certificate in International Quarry Operations Diploma in Asphalt Technology Certificate in Asphalt Studies New Certificate in Quarry Studies New Certificate in Construction Materials Diploma in Quarry Technology Slide 4 Headlines Established in 2007/8 Industry Standard Qualifications Technical / Vocational Content Aligned to Academic Framework >500 Students over 4 years Extending Footprint into related industries (concrete) CBI Endorsement Slide 5 Case Study 2: Fire Protection Association Slide 6 Case Study 2: FDF / EBTA Managed Selection Process Incorporates Existing CFPA European Diploma / Advanced Diploma Provides Stepping on / off points to widen participation Provides Progression Pathway ( Level 6 programme in development) Underpins FPAs Business Development Strategy Slide 7 Key Insights Collaborative Partnerships with Professional Bodies require University of Derby Corporate Open for business! Slide 8 Paul Wilkinson Head of Corporate Partnerships University of Derby Corporate 07827 842942


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