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Colonial Beginnings. Roanoke The Lost Colony. Gov. John White made 2 trips to Virginia 1 st trip – check out the area 2 nd trip – bring 100 settlers for settlement Food was scarce …many starved to death. Roanoke The Lost Colony. White returned to England to get supplies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Colonial Beginnings

Colonial Beginnings

1RoanokeThe Lost ColonyGov. John White made 2 trips to Virginia

1st trip check out the area2nd trip bring 100 settlers for settlement

Food was scarcemany starved to death

2RoanokeThe Lost ColonyWhite returned to England to get supplies

When he returned, he found NOTHINGnosigns of civilization

The only clueCROcarved in tree

CRO3Jamestown, VirginiaWhy is Jamestown so important? It was the 1st permanent English settlement

Named in honor of King James

Chartered by the Virginia Company

Motivation forsettlement gold/silver

4Problems:Area low-lying/swampy (mosquitos carried malaria)Summers hot & humidWinters bitter cold; settlers arrived too late to plant cropsAttacks from theNatives

5By the end of the first year only 38 of 103 settlers were aliveGentlemen were too good to workthey were there to search for gold ($$$)

The colony desperately needed leadershipand John Smith stepped up

6JOHN SMITHRuthless man

Arrived during the 2nd winter (1608)

Created work ethic among the colonists Work or die during this starving time

7Smith kept notes that were made into a bookHe was captured by thePowhatan Indians. His life was spared when he befriended Pocahontas.

A gunpowder accident caused John Smith toreturn to England.


John Rolfe takes over and brings 800 more settlers with him to Jamestown

He becomes the 1st successful European tobacco farmer

Tobacco caused increased problems with the Natives.

Why? Planting tobacco fields meant expanding the size of the Jamestown colony9John Rolfe meets and marries Pocahontas

She becomes a Christian and is baptized as Rebecca

Rolfe returns to England with Rebecca when he is summoned by the Virginia Company10Jamestown Housing


12House of Burgesses1st representative government in the New World allowed for elected officials to represent colonists

Created local laws

Dutch ships bring in Africans to work tobacco crops in Jamestown13DELETE!!!Cross out the following portion of your notes:

BACONs REBELLION (#31-40)SeparatistsBetter known as the Pilgrims

Separated from the Church of England

Fled to Hollandand were dissatisfied w/ Holland

Contacted the Virginia Company regarding sailing to New World


Mayflower35 of the 102 passengers were Separatists (the others were commoners from England)

Leader William Bradford

Sailed for 66 days

What did they have to eat? Nothing but cheese, hard bread, fish, beer

Were sailing to Plymouth17Mayflower CompactA storm blew them off course, and they landed outside the Virginia Company limits in which later became Massachusetts this meant their charter was no good

A compact was created established laws for the good of the colony

Created self-government (majority rule) civil government

8 males did not sign they were under 15 or indentured servants


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