color and shape cut paper design problems, a matisse-inspired project


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Color and Shape

Color and ShapeCut Paper Design Problems, a Matisse-inspired projectWhat is a dot?What can a dot be?Are you limited by 2D space?Are you limited by the idea of the shape of a dot? Or color?Are you limited by the shape of your paper?

-Place one dot on your square sheet of paper.-Construction paper, scissors, and glue ONLY! -Post it on the cork board when finished.

Can you change the color of the background?Can you use negative space?Can you change the shape of the background?Does a dot have to be a circle?One dot on a PageNow, on another square sheet of paper, create a strong composition using TWO DOTS.Post when finished.Two dots on a page

On a new a square sheet of paper, make a strong composition using ONE DOT and ONE LINE. Post when finished.

One dot and one lineOn your final square of paper, create a strong composition using THREE LINES. Post when finished.

Three LinesFauve artist-means wild beast because of his use of color in his paintings.Started using cut paper when his eye sight began to fail.Focus on shape (organic or geometric) and color to create his compositions.His works used both representational (recognizable), and non-representational (shape design, not recognizable pictures).

Henri Matisse, 1869-1954

-Representational Design-Organic and Geometric ShapesWhat does this artwork represent? Why is this representational?How are organic and geometric shapes used?How does he use color?Icarus, plate VIII from the illustrated book, "Jazz, 1947

What do you see?What kind of design is this?What shapes are used, and how does he use them?

The Sorrow of the King, 1952

What kind of shapes are used, and how?Representational or non-representational? Why?The Knife Thrower, 1947

What kind of shapes do you see, and how are they used?How is color used?What kind of design is this, and why?The Codomas, from Jazz, 1947

What kind of shapes do you see, and how are they used?How is color used?What kind of design is this, and why?

The Horse, The rider, and the clown, 1943-44

More Matisse works

Matisse in his studio

Create your own color and shape design composition sketch first

Things to consider:- Matisses use of color and shape - Is your design going to be representational or non-representational?- Color blocked background- Use of organic or geometric shape, or both

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