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Use of color in movies as a strong tool for visual narration



2. 2 3. 3Brief history of color in cinema 4. Hand colored films 4 Path Color, dating from around 1905Hand coloring evolved to a fairly high level ofsophistication, as can be seen in the frame from TheLast Days of Pompeii produced in Italy in 1926. 5. Kinemacolor5 First successful color system A simpler system using two colors was developed in 1906 and then Kinemacolor was born Kinemacolor was one of Technicolors primary rivals in the period prior to 1920. The Delhi Durbar (1912) British color documentary 6. Cinecolor6 Cinecolor Corporation came into being in 1932 Cinecolor used two films in "bi-pack", meaning that two films were placed emulsion to emulsion The first feature film to use the process was The Gentleman from Arizona Color recording capability of Cinecolor was not accurate, it was, nonetheless realistic looking. 1948 Super Cinecolor with three colors came 7. Kodachrome (1935) 7 Subtractive color processes proved far more practical to exhibit than were additive systems. This is because standard projectors could be used to show the films which had only one composite color record for each frame. Recorded its color records on separate frames, using a camera carrying two negatives 8. Technicolor 8 Technicolor Corporation was founded in 1915. Two color additive system System 4 : 3 color- Technicolor (1932-55) Flowers and Trees by Disney (32) 9. 9Personal Experience Tradition/CultureNature 10. Blue & Red 10 11. 11 12. COLOR SYMBOLISM12 anger passion rage desireexcitementenergyspeed strength power heat loveaggressiondanger fireblood war violence 13. RUN LOLA RUN (Tom Tykwer, 1998) 13Lola has twenty minutes to find100,000 marks to saveMannis life. Red is her visual fuel. THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939) Ruby Slippers : Red Power 14. 14If itspurple, someones gonna die- Patti Bellantoni 15. 15DO WEREALLYSEE 16. 16 DO WE REALLYNEED TOSEE color is often used to communicate what is NOT said 17. Andrei Tarkovsky, 1966 Interview17 At the moment, I dont think color film is anything more than acommercial gimmick. I dont know a single film that uses colorwell.In everyday life we seldom pay any special attention to color.On the screen color imposes itself on you, whereas in real lifethat only happens at odd moments, so its NOT right for theaudience to be constantly aware of color. 18. Vertigo Alfred Hitchcock 195818MADELINEJUDY MIDGESCOTTIE 19. 19Green : possessive and materialistic Red: Danger; Romance 20. 20Yellow: warmth; comfort; real Purple: selfhood 21. 21 Ruby Necklace putting a stopRed: Jealousyto the obsessionBlue: gulit; sad 22. Use of color by M. Night Shyamalan 22 The Sixth Sense, 1999 Unbreakable, 2000 Signs, 2002 The Village, 2004 The Happening, 2008 Devil, 2010 23. 23Red Objects: connection with the deadThe Sixth Sense 24. 24Hero VillainUnbreakable 25. 25MotherSigns 26. 26Repel Creatures Attract CreaturesThe Village 27. Bhansalis Saawariyan27 Blue: Melancholy Red : Love, sensuality 28. Anurag Kashyap 28 Red: Power and Danger Gulaal (2009) Red: Anger Black Friday (2004) 29. The Wizard of Oz (1939)29 Yellow - Wealth, Knowledge Emerald Green : Life, Harmony Green : VirulentRuby Slippers : Red Power, Blood 30. Lusty , Powerful & Defiant 30 31. Visual Name : Girl in the red coat31 Her coat is not pink, the color of little girls. It is red, robbed of its power. The irony of personalizing this color that symbolizes both birth and death sets us up for the shock when we last see her, lifeless, in the pile of nameless corpses traveling to a mass grave. 32. Yellow : Obsessive, Caution 32Taxi Driver (1976) by Martin Scorsese Age of Innnocence (1993) by Martin ScorseseTravis Bickle, stalks his dream girl. Newland sends Ellen yellow flowers instead of red 33. Blue : Powerless33The Shawshank Redemption (1994) The Sense and Sensibility (1995) byby Frank Darabont Ang Lee 34. Purple: Murder, Mystery, Illusion34 Chicago (2002) by Rob Marshall Dick Tracy (1990) by Warren Beatty 35. Sin City : Color in Black & White 35 36. Memento : Use of alternate colored 36and Black & White sequences 37. Peeping Tom : Saturated Colors 37 38. References38 Color.html green.html If its purple, someones gonna die by Patti Belantoni