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    XVI, No. 9 SEPTEMBER 2015


    CMH member John Owen in action!

  • Reflections on Tacticon 2015 By Terry Shockey

    September 4-6, 2015 saw CMH represented at the latest version of Tactician. Even though there was new management of the con the miniatures events went on with CMH present. Kudos go out to Mike Garland of CSGA, who continues to soldier on as miniatures coordinator of the traditional cons in Denver. The attendance at the historical miniatures was down. But most of the games did have enough players. One of the major complaints was the lack of information, i.e. a booklet either before the convention or at the convention itself. Among the events was a DBA tournament attended by a dozen participants. 

    Ed Meyer and Eric Elder at Tacticon 2015

  • Vigil, Wohletz Score Big at Tacticon!

    DBA 3.0 Tournament a Great Success

    Tacticon 2015 once again featured the traditional Front Range De Bellis Antiquitas (DBA) 3.0 Tournament on 6 September in the Hotel Radisson Denver Southeast. The glittering arrays of competing armies brought color and drama to the daylong event. Contestants went three rounds each with twelve element armies in a Swiss-system tournament. The 25 point scoring system adapted from De Bellis Magitrorum Militum (DBMM) 2 and agreed to by the Colorado Military Historians (CMH) and Colorado Springs Gamers Association (CSGA) was used. Thirteen players committed themselves to the field of battle, exulting in the excitement and glory that only DBA can bring!

    The armies deployed were breath-taking in their chronological and geographical scope. Art Hayes marched on with his Eastern Late Imperial Romans (II78b), Brent Sustaita with his Dacians (II52) and a Sarmatian Ally (II26), Doug Rains with his Hephthalite Huns (II80c), Doug Mudd with his Chao Chinese (II4c), Gary Vardon with Ptolemaics (II20c), Greg Rold with Trojans (I26b), James Pirc with his Western Late Imperial Romans (II78a), Jim Rairdon with his Scots Common Army (IV16), Matt Vigil with his Early Russians (III79), Noah Wohletz with his Marian Romans (II49), and Russ Register with his Vikings (III40b). Because of an odd number of players, tournament hosts John Brown and Terry Shockey tag-teamed to facilitate the Swiss-system format. John played with Tamils (II42b) and Terry with Carolingians (III28).

    When the dust settled, Art Hayes had come in first with an astonishing 72 out of 75 possible points. The Emperor Constantine must have been most pleased! The tag team of John Brown and Terry Shockey would have been second, but were disqualified for fielding outrageously outsized elephants. It seems the Lord of the Rings looking pachyderms were not actually 15mm scale, and were so intimidating they conferred an unfair advantage. Thus Brent Sustaita came in second with 51 points. CMH’s own Matt Vigil came in third with 42 points, overcoming disastrous luck in his second game to do so. Gary Vardon came in fourth with 41 points, and Noah Wohletz fifth with 38 points. Noah’s performance is remarkable for having been from the youngest yet to play in, much less place in, one of our DBA 3.0 Tournaments. We figure he has 80 years or more of high performance DBA in front of him! Greg Rold won the coveted Pink Dice Award, stacking up recurrent “ones” over three games straight.

    Our next major DBA event will be the BBDBA 3.0 Tournament at Genghis Con in February. We will have warm up games at our January and February club meetings, and are sure to have some pick-up DBA 3.0 as well. If you have any questions or comments, please pass them along to John Brown at

  • Phil Warren, from the UK, spent 62 years to build this incredible fleet of 432 ships. All vessels are built entirely of matchsticks and boxes of wooden matches. The collection includes nearly 370 American and 60 British ships. Although now84 years of age, Mr. Warren began creating his first boat in 1948, when he was only 17. He uses a razor blade, tweezers and sandpaper to carve the pieces and boxes, then sticks them together with balsa wood glue. In total,more than 650,000 matchsticks were used to create an amazing collection of1:300 scale models. His 1,200 aircraft make an even more realistic appearance to dress the decks of aircraft carriers.


    Nat Text Box This is Incredible! What a Treasure... Submitted By Natale (Nate) Forte

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    In August of this year, Frank Okovich, a fellow Denver area gamer passed away. His brother-in-law contacted me to donate his library to CMH. His request was to “find good homes” for these books. It is an extensive library and does need to be viewed. After a discussion at the September monthly meeting and with the CMH board it was decided to hold a silent auction. This auction will last until the end of December. If you are interested in any of these books please let me know. The minimum bit for a book is $1. Each month of the auction the list will be posted and the books marked that have received bids. The proceeds will go to CMH. If there is enough revenue created from this auction a portion will be donated to a charity that CMH will choose. Below you will find the listing.

    Thank You

    Terry Shockey, CMH Secretary



    AUSTRIA: Austrian Eastern Question 1700-90 Karl A Roider, Jr. 1982 The Reluctant Ally: Austrian Policy in Austro-Turkish War 1737-39 Karl A. Roider, Jr. 1972 The Austrian Achievement 1700-1800 Ernest Wangermann 1973 The Habsburg Empire 1790-1918 C.A. Macartney 1969 The Rise & Fall of the Habsburg Monarchy Victor L. Tapie 1971 The Enemy At the Gate: Habsburg & Ottoman Andrew Whearcroft 2008 A History of the Habsburg Empire 1526-1918 Robert A. Kahn 1977 The War of Austrian Succession Reed Browning 1993

    FRANCE: The Days of the French Revolution Christopher Hibbert 1980 Battle for Europe: Blenheim Charles Spencer 2004

    GERMANY: The Arms of Krupp William Manchester 1968

    OTTOMAN: The Struggle for the Ottoman Empire 1717-1740 Lavender Cassels 1967

    PRUSSIA: A History of Prussia H.W. Koch 1978 The End of Prussia Gordon A. Craig 1984

    RUSSIA: Russia In the Age of Catherine the Great Isabel de Madariaga 1981

    SPAIN: Prescott’s Histories: Rise and Decline of Spanish Empire1963 The Rise of the Spanish Empire In the Old World and the New Vol. II: Catholic Kings

    Roger Bigelow Merriman 1962

    MISC. Armies & Societies In Europe 1494-1789 Andre Corvisier 1979 Central Europe: Enemies, Neighbors, Friends Lonnie R. Johnson 1996 What If? Ambrose, Keegan, McCullough, McPherson, etc. 1999 Adapting To Conditions: War & Society in 18th Century 1986


    EARLY AMERICA: The Northern Colonial Frontier 1607-1763 Douglas Edward Leach 1966 LaSalle & the Discovery of the Great West Francis Parkman 1980 George Mercer Papers: Relating to Ohio Company of VALouis Mulkearn 1954 The European Discovery of America:Northern Voyages Samuel Eliot Morison 1971

    NATIVE AMERICANS: Massacres of the Mountains J.P.Dunn, Jr. 1965 Native American Hunting & Fighting Skills Colin F. Taylor 2003

  • Indians in Pennsylvania Paul A.W. Wallace 1961 Warpaths: Invasions of North America Ian K. Steele 1994 The American Indian Wars John Tebbel & Keith Dennison 1960

    FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR: Montcalm & Wolfe Vol I & II Francis Parkman 1886 Empires At War: French & Indian War Wm. M. Fowler, Jr. 2005 The French and Indian War Edward P. Hamilton 1962 A Few Acres of Snow: The Saga of the F&IW Robert Leckie 1999 The French and Indian War Walter R. Bornean 2006 Wolfe At Quebec Christopher Hibbert 1959 Struggle for A Continent: F&IW 1690-1766 Albert Marrin 1987 Crucible of War: SYW & F&IW 1759-1766 Fred Anderson 2000 Louisbourg: Key To A Continent Fairfax Downey 1965 Empires Collide: F&IW 1754-63 Wm M. Fowler, Jr. 2006 The Journal of Major George Washington

    KING PHILIPS WAR: Flintlock and Tomahawk: N.E. In King Philip’s War Douglas Edward Leach 1958

    BRITISH: Roots of Conflict: British Armed Forces & Colonial America 1677-1763

    Douglas Edward Leach 1986 Arms For Empire: Military History of the British Colonies in North America

    Douglas Edward Leach 1973

    AMERICAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE: Now We Are Enemies: Bunker Hill Thomas J. Fleming 1960 A History of the American Revolution John R. Alden 1969


    Great Commanders and Their Battles Gen. Sir John Hackett 1987 Invincible Generals Philip J. Haythornthwaite 1991 My March To Timbuctoo General Joffe 1915 46 Years In the Army Lt. Gen. John M. Schofield 1897 The Life of Sgt. I.W.Ambler Sgt. I.W. Ambler 1873 Napoleon’s Last Will and Testament 1969 Peter The Great Robert K. Massie 1991 Alexander II Edvard Radzinsky 2005 Prince of Europe: Charles Joseph De Ligne Philip Manuel 2003 Catherine the Great: Life and Legend John T. Alexander 1989 In th