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2. TrustworthinessSHINRAI is the camel who always keeps her promises, always doeswhat she says shell do and is loyal, honest and punctual. 3. respectAUSTUS is the lion who knows respect is one of the best qualitiesone can havefor nature, for others, and for oneself. 4. responsibilityANSVAR is the elephant with colorful ribbons tied around his trunkand tail to help him remember his responsibilities. 5. fairnessGUISTO is the giraffe who always tries to do whats right. Guisto uses is long neck to see all sides of any issue and has a gentle way of helping others do the same. 6. caringKARINA is the kangaroo who has a seemingly endless supply ofthings inside her pouch, including a special box of little heartsfor children she meets on her travels. 7. citizenshipKUPA is the bear who considers herself a citizen of the world.A philosopher and poet, she believes that we are all part of the same family and must do our share to help each other. 8. Draw someone who you think has good character. 9. Trustworthiness Be honest - dont deceive, cheat or stealBe reliable-do what you say youll doHave the courage to do the right thing Build a good reputationBe loyal-stand by your family, friends and country 10. RESPECT Treat others with respect; follow the Golden RuleBe tolerant of differencesUse good manners, not bad languageBe considerate of the feelings of othersDont threaten, hit or hurt anyoneDeal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements 11. RESPONSIBILITY Do what you are supposed to doPersevere; keep on trying Always do your best Use self-control; Be self-disciplinedThink before you act-consider the consequences Be accountable for your choices 12. FAIRNESSPlay by the rules Take turns and shareBe open-minded; listen to others Dont take advantage of others Dont blame others carelessly 13. CARING Be kindBe compassionate and show you careExpress gratitudeForgive others Help people in need 14. CITIZENSHIPDo your share to make your school and community better CooperateStay informed; voteBe a good neighbor Obey laws and rules; Respect authority Protect the environment; Recycle 15. Learn more about CHARACTER COUNTS! inIowa at 16. CHARACTER COUNTS! In Iowa is a project of the Institute for Character Development at Drake CHARACTER COUNTS! and the Six Pillars of Chracter are service marks of the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition, a project of the Josephson Institute of Ethics.


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