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Colour Palettes Anaylsis

Cover - BillboardThis colour palette is very bright and the colours contrast each other a lot. These colours are masculine colours that would appear more to males than females. Although the background is blue, a stereotypical male colour, having the clothing a burgundy colour draws the attention of the female eye whilst still being a masculine feel. Having the dark background and clothing allows the text to stand out more because its all white and yellow. I like this colour palette but Im not sure if Id use it myself. If I wanted, I would lighten the colours a little bit, rather than having them so dark.

Cover - Merlito KPOPThis colour palette uses a lot of pink, a feminine colour. Because of entire page being pretty much covered in different shades of pink, this appeals to the female eye much more than the male eye. It has a light coloured background, mainly white, and dark text, dark pink and black, to contrast this and making is stand out.I really like this colour palette because it uses very few colours but it seems like there are more than there is. I might consider using this amount of main colours of my cover.

Cover - Bromide

Cover - Singles

This colour palette uses a lot of bright colours but because most of the cover is the black background, it makes the overall cover seem dark. Although having the dark the background allows the lighter colours, certainly the white, to stand out a lot as they contrast wth each other. Also, there is a mixture of mescaline and feminine colours. For example, the use of a pink mast head is feminine but the green is more of a masculine colour. This allows the cover to draw attention from both genders because they colours arent all stereotypically for one gender. Im quite unsure about this colour palette. I like the range of colours used to try and draw attention from both genders, but I think that all these colours maybe not all work together. It seems to me that the green and red dont really fit with the rest of the cover, at least not as much as the paler colour just under the mast head.

This colour palette uses a lot of pale colours but doesnt give an overall sense of lightness due to the darker shades of grey and the contrasting shadows. The light background and clothing allows for the dark text to stand out against it as it contrast the lightness. The one line white text allows it to draw a lot of attention. Although it is lighter than the background, because it is a like lighter, it is able to draw this much attention. Also, this cover doesnt seem to have a prefer of gender. Although is has green on it, its not the shade of green that is stereotypically related to males because its a paler than the usual green associated with males. I really like the over look of the cover as it seems really faded and beautiful. However, I think that the green isnt quite right for this cover. Perhaps a different pale colour would have worked a little better, such as a really pale blue, or maybe keep the green theme but take out less of the grey in the colour - more of the green hue.

Contents - NME

This contents page uses the classic combo of red, white and black. This is a very common colour palette across all types of pages. It uses the white of the background to contrast the darkness of the black and the brightness of the red, making all three colours stand out. These colours dont really have a stereotyped gender for them, so this comes across as multi-gender. But due to the darkness of the black, it leans more towards the male audience. Although they work well together, its very simple and a bit plain. But I like the way that it uses black for boxes and the main text alongside the red for page numbers and things they want to make stand out more. Maybe I will consider doing something like what they have done with the red but with a different colour.

Contents - Singles

This colour palette uses a range of pastel colours. Having the lighter coloured background allows the black text to stand out. Her dress has a lot of pastel colours on it and they contrast the background as her dress is a lot brighter than the background. The yellow bag draws attention away from the text and the person because it is a lot brighter than anything else on the page. Because of the colours used in her dress, stereotypical female colours, its easy to see that this is aimed towards females more than males. I really like this colour palette as its really subtle with the colours but works really effectively because of the contrast between the pastel, dark and bright colours. I will consider this when thinking about my colour palette for my pages, not just for a contents.

Contents - Sparkling

Double Page - Billboard

This colour palette is really simple as it uses only four main colours. It uses the lighter shade of pink as the background and has the darker colours, pink and black, for the text. It also uses the white from her clothing to make her stand out from the dark text and the light background. Because of the use of the different shades of pink, its clear that this is aimed towards females.I quite like this colour palette because it is very simple but is very effective because it comes across as very dramatic.

This contents page uses a lot of pastel colours and then bright colours for the pages and their contents. The background of this is a crew colour so that all of the other colours can stand out against it because they all contrast the paleness of the cream. The shades of pink used contrasts the cream because its a lot darker. The white is used to outline the pictures and the box background at the bottom. This also contrasts the cream because its a purer hue colour. The brighter colours contrast the cream the most because they contrast the cream more than the white and shades of pink do. I really like the idea of using pastel colours mixed with brighter colours to make it stand out more. But I think there are too many shades of pink. Perhaps just the one shade of pink would be more effective than having multiple.

Double Page - Bromide

This colour palette has a lot of different colours in it, but the main ones are white, brown and different shades of blue. Although there are darker colours, three of the tops, it uses white for the text and places it over the darker parts. The background of floor has different shades of brown due to the shadows. This creates contrast between the different areas where they lay. Also, having different coloured tops for all of them allows them to each draw attention to themselves even though most of them are very light shades.

I really like this colour palette because its quite simple even though it uses many colours. I might consider something like this for my double page rather than a cover or contents because it would be too busy for either of those. Double Page - Singles

This colour palette uses a lot of dark colours but the overall look of the pages isnt dark because there is a balance between the dark colours and the light. Although the background is a dark green and their suits are black, the amount of white from the text and their accessories balances out the darkness. In terms of a male or female preference, there isnt really much of preference. Although the main colour is green, its not a shade of green that is stereotypically related to males, but certainly more so than females. Im not too sure if I like this colour palette or not. The palette certainly works, but I dont think Id use something like this. But prehaps I will consider the idea of using the same main colour for the clothing - in this case black with different coloured details.

Overall AnalysisAfter looking at the covers, contents and double pages, I have found few things that I like, what things work and common things I have spotted. I have found the common notion that the background will always contrast either the text, subject person or both. I saw that either a dark background is used with light text/images or a light background with dark text/images. Although I have found exceptions, I found that they didnt work as well as they maybe should have. But the Bromide double page example shows a way to use light colours for both the background, text and most the images. I also found that most pages will use bright colours. This is causes the audience to notice them most whilst they are on the shelve. Although they stand out a lot more, Im not sure I like them as much as pastel colours. But I do like the Merlito KPOP cover, which uses a lot of bright colours.Being a female, I prefer more feminine colours to masculine colours. Because of this, I prefer colour palettes like the Merlito KPOP cover over colour palettes like the NME contents page. I also like more pastel colours, but I know that they dont work well on the cover, maybe I will consider using pastel colours for the contents or double page. But I like the Bromide double page colour palette and the way it is used and I want to do something like this for my double page. A colour palette like the Bromide double page appeals to both the female and male audience, which Im thinking of using as my target audience.

Possible Colour Palettes I want to use

I really like the colour palette for the Merlitio KPOP cover. However, I did think the pink was a little too bright, so I made that a little paler. Also, if I want my target audience to be both genders, this may not be an option because males typically dont look at magazine covers with a lot of pink on them.

I have taken this idea from the Singles cover. I kept the cream and the white the same because I think they work really well together. But I did change the pastel green for a pale blue. I also changed the grey to have more of a blue hint in it rather than red as I think this would work


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