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Batman Legends of The Dark Knight

Batman Legends of The Dark KnightBy: Jaclina Rush Evil destroying evil.

Mr. Whisper is back again, and this time hes coming for Ottavio. Ottavio cleverly uses an inverted Bat-signal to summon Batman. Batman was not pleased when he showed up to a roof full of gangsters whom he believes ruin the city of Gotham. Ottavio attempts to make a deal with Batman in exchange for his help, after informing him how dangerous Mr. Whisper, the man with no shadow, is. Later that night, Bruce suffers a nightmare about the school children Mr. Whisper killed twenty years ago asking him for help. Bruce remembered how much he hated his school days and the headmaster Mr. Winchester who resigned after being involved in a scandal. After connecting the dots, Batman realized who he was dealing with and that he must help immediately. Batman arrives on the scene just as Mr. Whisper is about to finish off Ottavio and his crew, but it was too late. Winchester already got to them and they didnt see it coming.


Haunting Past Bruces past comes to haunt him in more ways than one.His enemy seeks him out to help take down Mr. Whisper a.k.a. Winchester. Bruce finds out what really got Winchester suspended all those years ago, and now has to stop him from killing the scum of Gotham City.


The shot of the cathedrals front is the location where Mr. Whisper resides. It occurs at the beginning of a new scene with a different setting than the pages prior to it.

The establishing shot informs the reader that the scene has changed. It also sets the tone of the scene.

Establishing shot4

Persuading readers to be involved in the story being told, will sway them to stick with the seriesA stand off between Batman and the people he hates most in Gotham city almost seemed like a trap.

Persuaision gain interest of readers5

Choosing to draw close-ups versus far away, and even giving the perception that the reader is above or below the picture.Batman claims his dominance and respect from the scum of Gotham. He has to deal with these men and the harm they cause on a daily basis. So why are they summoning him? Is it a trap?

Choice of Frame6

The panels chosen to depict the story are crucial in moving the story forward.The author chose to use three panels to describe Batmans emotions in the scene. The scene also shows that Batman is not in any danger based on the other character's distance. Again, These are the men that Batman dislikes the most in all of Gotham.

Choice of Moment7

In this scene the first panel acts as a background layout for the entire page. It is subtle due to the similar colors and overlapping speech bubbles. In the scene Batmans enemy is asking for help to terminate Mr. Whisper, a man from the past that seems to never go away. The author has the freedom to decide where panels lay on a page, what shape, and their order.

Choice of flow8

The free movement between the frames allows the story to move at a faster pace. In this scene Batman is intimidating his enemy so he will leave him alone.

The composition of a page can support a plot line. It can also help move the story forward with a little bit of creativity.

Composition, features9

In the scene Batman is angry and does not want to help his enemies. He would rather they kill each other than to get involved.This technique is used to tell a story using as few panels as possible.

Subject to subject10


In the scene, the janitor in the cathedral heres a noise and follows it. He must walk down the dark hallway to find where the noise is coming formA picture-specific scene does not use many words. The picture tells the story.

No words picture specific 11

The scene depicts Batman having a nightmare after receiving some surprising information that provoked a bad memory.Without the words in this type of scene, the story may not be as clear to the reader.

Choice of Angles to tell story.wrongggg.word specificinterdependent??12

This scene is an example of inner life, because it is a flashback of Bruces school days. The scene helps the readers understand how Bruce once was, compared to how he is presently.

Inner life takes place when hints of the past or memories of the characters past are brought up, which explain to the reader where a characters point-of-view may be coming from.

Shows Bruces backgroundwhere he came from, experiences inner life,13

In this scene, young Bruce is being punished by his headmaster, Winchester, which he later finds out is Mr. Whisper.Using a scene to scene technique can inform the reader without using too many similar panels.

Scene to scene , difing moment14

The expression on Bruces face shows anger and distrust and some confusion. His expression is depicted using many shadows.

Expressive traits can describe a characters personality and tell the reader how a specific character is most likely to react to a certain situation.

Detail of drawing, expression15

The scene foreshadows the death of Batmans enemies through a combination of words and image placement.The choice of image can help move a story forward through the placement of certain items in combination with the rest of the scene.

Choice of image16

Batman finally meets Mr. Whisper, but he is already five steps ahead of Batman.Action to action scenes show off the characters personality and stance on a subject.

Action to action17

Without words in this scene, the reader would not be able to gauge exactly why Batman is meeting with his enemies on a rooftop. The words provide extra detail necessary to finish the story.The words the author choses to use can make a scene great or, just put it on a standstill.

Choice of Words18

The legend of Gotham City and the haunting past.