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<p>EU COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES | 2010</p> <p>Follow us on:</p> <p>2</p> <p></p> <p>THE EU EXPERIENCE INTERNATIONAL IMPACT</p> <p>ONE UNIVERSITY ONE NETWORK</p> <p>3</p> <p>EU COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES | 2010</p> <p>EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY EU BUSINESS SCHOOL</p> <p>4</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Table of contents</p> <p>Message from the President European University Barcelona, Spain European University Geneva &amp; Montreux, Switzerland European University Munich, Germany European University Asia (Singapore, China, Malaysia &amp; Taiwan) European University Vienna, Austria European University Aktobe &amp; Uralsk, Kazakhstan List of Graduating Students</p> <p>7 8 22 34 44 50 51 52</p> <p>5</p> <p>EU COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES | 2010</p> <p>EU CODE OF CONDUCT FOR LIFE</p> <p>A is for act The triple A: be an authentic active actor. B is for a better businesswoman or man Be better than you need to be. C is for commitment Be comitted to 100%. D is for dream, dare and do Triple D: dare to do the impossible dream. E is for enthusiasm and excellence Inspire your colleagues within a meaningful environment. F is for failure Overcome business failures. G is for give Be a giver and not a taker.</p> <p>K is for knowledge Become a lifelong learner. Be a student of your life; the more you know, the more you know you dont know. L is for listen, loyalty Listening is more than hearing. M is for mistake Make lots of new mistakes. Its the best way for you to learn. Dont be afraid everyone makes mistakes. N is for no Know how to say no. O is for opportunity If you listen, you will hear when opportunity knocks at your door. P is for patience, passion and persistence Q is for quality Put a stamp of quality on everything you do.</p> <p>T is for trust, transparency Be a trust builder. U is for understanding V is for value W is for win X is for x traordinary Some things happen for no reason at all, with no warning and no explanation. Y is for you Envision a bright future ahead. Z is for zoom Get ready, get set zoom! enjoy the ride of your life. Theres a wide open road ahead of you now; follow the road to your dreams.</p> <p>H is for humor</p> <p>R is for reputation, respect I stands for incentive, innovative, inter- Your reputation is permanent and will be with est and invest you for the rest of your life. Start building it Dont spend more than you earn. Stay out of debt and invest in yourself. now. S is for success, social responsibility, sustainability</p> <p>Be humoros with yourself, your relationships, your network.</p> <p>J is for joyfulness</p> <p>Make your day by making someone elses day.</p> <p>6</p> <p>EU Code of Conduct for Life</p> <p></p> <p>AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT BODY OF MORE THAN 100 NATIONALITIES SPEAKING MORE THAN 50 LANGUAGESLooking to the future, European University will approach 20102011 with a key formula: Integrity x Authenticity = Reputation Integrity stands for a combination of the following core values: Honesty, Transparency, Loyalty, Respect and Trust. x Authenticity means to stay true to your origins, reflect the values you relate and makes your success. = Reputation is how the world perceives you. Your reputation will be enhanced by a socially responsible attitude. Dear graduating students, parents and friends, distinguished guests, faculty and staff members, First of all: Congratulations to the class of 2010. You made it! Our graduates are from now on our ambassadors. You are part of the European University Alumni Family. Throughout your studies, you depended on us. Now we depend on you to capitalize on the synergy that we have created together. Commencement is a very important day in your lives. It means that through your courage and commitment you have achieved your goal: to be and not to have a degree, to be a Bachelor or a Master! Academic year 20092010 was a milestone in the European University success story: we were proud to announce international accreditation by ACBSP and IACBE. So you, the graduates, belong to the next generation. You are the millennials. Your parents and I already belong to the past generation. But both generations have something in common: they share common values. Values such as commitment, belief, passion, success, tact, sincerity, tolerance, patience and transparency remain the same over decades. Thank you for believing in EU and for your confidence, trust and generosity. Thank you for the moments of fun and excellence you have brought us. These are great gifts you have given us. Through your spirit, our faculty and staff will remain always young. I wish you Good Luck and Bon Voyage on your exciting new journey and look forward to seeing you on our Alumni Grid webpage At European University, you are always welcome. Dr. Dirk Craen President European University</p> <p>Message from the President</p> <p>7</p> <p>EU COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES | 2010</p> <p>EU BARCELONACommencement Ceremony 12 June 2010</p> <p>EU Today TV | Events section |</p> <p>Video EU Barcelona Commencement Ceremony 2010</p> <p>Dr. Cristina Toms i Prez</p> <p>Dr. Ivo Matser</p> <p>Dr. Dirk Craen</p> <p>European University Barcelonas 2010 Commencement Ceremony honored over 200 graduates and 400 guests in the exclusive Pullman Barcelona Skipper Hotel. The annual event took place on 12 June 2010 and was also attended by EU Alumni chapter heads and students from across the European and Asian campus networks. The festive occasion was introduced by EU Professor of Finance Dr. Cristina Toms i Prez who welcomed the commencement procession and guests and dedicated the event to the success of the students.</p> <p>Dr. Toms i Prez then introduced the first guest of honor, CEO at TSM Business School and Chairman of the Dutch Association of Business Schools, Dr. Ivo Matser who chose to approach the audience with an insightful speech on entrepreneurship. Using the history of entrepreneurship to illustrate the current modern era of rapid and ceaseless change, he highlighted growth industries, including solar energy, looking forward to a future where healthcare and consumer goods will be more readily available and energy greener. He related that industry and not politics will drive this new technological watershed, and urged students to focus on social issues in order to tackle the current global ecological and economic crises. Dr. Matser advocated that they must rise to this challenge, to make a difference individually and collectively with passion, direction and creativity: to move into the future with the skills that European University has taught them.</p> <p>EU President Dr. Dirk Craen then addressed students and commencement guests. He underlined the contrast of this generation of millennials, the multitaskers and social networkers, with his own generation, reflecting that despite rapid change the values of friendship, loyalty, transparency and respect will always retain their significance. He added that as graduates they be socially responsible, humble, invest in themselves, take courage in failure and be lifelong learners. He concluded with the EU code of conduct (see page 6). Highlights from Dr. Craens speechThe Millennials are their parents greatest protgs and proudest creations You communicate at lightening speed within your social networks.</p> <p>8</p> <p>EU Barcelona</p> <p></p> <p>THE GLOBAL CLASSROOM</p> <p>Doctor Honoris Causa Dr. Ivo Matser</p> <p>King Fellow Award Mr. Edward Chollet</p> <p>King Fellow Award Mr. Harry John</p> <p>EU President Dr. Craen presented honored guest Dr. Ivo Matser, CEO at TSM Business School and Chairman of the Dutch Association of Business Schools with a Doctor Honoris Causa degree for his outstanding contribution to higher education through his membership and supervisory roles with educational bodies in his native Netherlands and abroad. President Craen commended him on his global vision, tireless efforts and commitment in the promotion of business education.</p> <p>Mr. Edward Chollet was honored by President Craen with a King Fellow Award for his distinction and selfless career in the field of public service. Mr. Chollets role as spokesman for the Minister of Internal Affairs of Canton Vaud sees him take on a broader responsibility as a worldwide ambassador for the Swiss nation.</p> <p>A top name in European tourism, Mr. Harry John was also awarded the prestigious King Fellow Award for his ceaseless promotion of national heritage and work in the field of tourism. This culminated in the coveted UNESCO award for the Montreux Riviera, where under his management the region won the prestigious Milestone 2009, the benchmark Swiss tourism industry award for outstanding destination and brand management. He was also praised for the diligence and dynamism he applies to his career goals. Grid and its subsequent collaboration with LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media. He rewarded Mr. van Baardewijk, current head of the Barcelona and Amsterdam EU Alumni chapters, for his distinguished career since graduating from EU in 1989 as well as his unstinting and continued dedication to the Alumni Association.9</p> <p>President Craen presented a third King Fellow Award to EU Alumni Mr. Ren van Baardewijk, a successful entrepreneur and managing director/founder of Rebain S.L., an international trading and distribution concern.King Fellow Award Mr. Ren van Baardewijk</p> <p>He is also major driving force behind European University social networking site the Alumni</p> <p>EU Barcelona</p> <p>EU COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES | 2010</p> <p>DISTINGUISHED GUESTS</p> <p>Dr. Ivo MatserBusiness Schools</p> <p>CEO at TSM Business School and Chairman of the Dutch Association ofDr. Ivo Matser was born in 1961 on the day of the first manned space flight and this inventiveness seems to have inspired him throughout his life. He studied Economics at the Dutch Universiteit van Tilburg, and from there he moved to the UK to advance his professional career. He pursued programs of Executive Education at the University of Hertfordshire before graduating with a M.Sc. in Quality Management from the University of Lincoln in 1995. It was during this latter period of study that he was Managing Director for Brinkman Associates and then Director of Management at Ivo Matser Consultancy BV. Despite working in business environments and knowledge intensive companies, Dr. Matser has always had ties with higher education through membership and supervisory board functions in The Netherlands and abroad and in 2001 he moved into Business Education. It was in 2003 that he was appointed to CEO at TSM Business School in the central Dutch city of Appledorn. To this post he brought his desire to create an environment where creativity, inventiveness and perseverance are prominent and also where innovation, flexibility and sustainable development can flourish.10</p> <p>TSM is an international business school where students can develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills and where personal responsibility, cooperation and sustainability are cultivated. Dr. Matser is also a fluent and well-informed guest speaker in the field of entrepreneurship, reflected at TSM which is an excellent example of national and international entrepreneurship. He currently combines his work at TSM with the Chairmanship of the Dutch Association of Business Schools and is a partner of the European Leadership Platform. He is a member of the Executive board of the Foundation of Technology and Marketing, the Supervisory Boards of Quintis Holding, Brabant Business School and the Foundation for Management Development in Nijmegen. Highlights from Dr. Matsers speechCombine creativity and power to make a difference. many problematic situations are happening at the same time, and this offers an incredible amount of possibilities for renewal, for innovation. Entrepreneurship is also necessary if we want to achieve sustainable innovation and contribute to a sustainable community. To be both managerial and serving it is important to find a good balance for yourself full of passion, direction and empathy. Entrepreneurship means doing things together Networks will be more inspiring if they include a greater variety of people. making a difference is what it is all about; it requires entrepreneurship and diversity.</p> <p>EU Barcelona</p> <p></p> <p>Mr. Harry John</p> <p>Director of Montreux Riviera TourismHarry John was born in 1965 in Leukerbad, a spectacular Rhne Valley village located in the southern Swiss canton of Valais. Growing up in this ski resort and mountain climbing center that also boasts the largest thermal spa and wellness facility in the Swiss Alps directed him towards his future vocation. He went to college in Brigue and from there he moved on to finish his studies at the influential Swiss School of Tourism in Sierre, during which he was already working in an advisory capacity for the tourism offices of Geneva and Verbier. Soon after his graduation he became responsible for sports and cultural event management at the Leukerbad tourism headquarters. He joined the Lausanne Tourism Office &amp; Convention Bureau in 1990 as sales representative for North America and The Middle East and has been a Society of Incentive &amp; Travel Executives (SITE) member since 1995. In the same year he was awarded the Tourism Expert Diploma (TOUREX) and in 1997 was appointed Director of Marketing and Sales of Lausanne Tourism. After a merger of tourist offices in the towns of Montreux and Vevey, Mr. John became President of Montreux-Vevey Tourisme in 2001. Later in 2001 Mr. John was appointed as Director of Montreux Riviera Tourism and assuming the responsibilities of this position was a logical step in a career that has taken in tourism marketing, sports and leisure planning, member and advisory roles for numerous tourism associations, cultural and economic boards across Switzerland. He has been chairman of the Board of Swiss Cities (an association of 27 Swiss cities) since November 2005. He also continues his assocation with SITE, representing them as chair of their international conference in December 2008. Since assuming his current directorship, Mr. John has overseen destination management of 23 towns and villages, followed by the launch of the new brands Montreux Riviera in 2008 and CI/CD in 2009. Under his management, the region of Montreux Riviera won the prestigious Milestone 2009, the benchmark Swiss tourism industry award for outstanding destination and brand management.</p> <p>EU Barcelona</p> <p>11</p> <p>EU COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES | 2010</p> <p>COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY</p> <p>12</p> <p>EU Barcelona</p> <p></p> <p>ONE WORLD ONE DREAM</p> <p>EU Barcelona</p> <p>13</p> <p>EU COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES | 2010</p> <p>REAL PEOPLE REAL SOLUTIONS</p> <p>14</p> <p>EU Barcelona</p> <p></p> <p>AT EU THE ATMOSPHERE IS UP-CLOSE AND PERSONAL. IN ALL PROGRAMS, FACULTY WORK WITH STUDENTS ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS.</p> <p>EU Barcelona</p> <p>15</p> <p>EU COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES | 2010</p> <p>STUDENT SPEECHES</p> <p>LIFELONG NETWORKBachelor Speech MBA Speech</p> <p>Ieva Strupule Latvia</p> <p>Marite Silava Latvia</p> <p>Jessica Hernandez Spain</p> <p>Stephanie Mauerer Austria</p> <p>Ms. Strupule and Ms. Silava opened their joint speech...</p>