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The IT world is notorious for having terminology that’s only understood by those in the know. If you’re just starting out with a new system or software program or need to talk to a helpdesk, understanding the terms being used can help make life a lot easier!The DazzleIT jargon buster takes the confusion out of IT. The following list describes the most commonly used phrases and acronyms with a clear explanation of what they mean, giving you the understanding you need.


Common Computer Jargon terms/definitions translated into plain English.

Jargon BusterADSL Transmits digital information at broadband speed on phone lines.

Top Backup Copying computer files and documents from your hard disk to removable media or another computer to protect against loss of the originals.

Top Bandwidth The amount of data which can be transferred from a website by visitors.

Top Beta Version of a software application or system still in development. Top Bios Basic input output system. Software built into PC's, to control the basic operation of devices such as the screen and keyboard. Top Blog

Short for "web log", a blog is an online journal or news site. Top Bluetooth A technology that allows devices (computers, phones, printers, sat nav's) to communicate with each other wirelessly. Top Broadband A fast Internet connection.

Top Browser A program, such as Internet Explorer, used to navigate the Internet Top Browsing Using a web browser application to look at website's on the Internet Top Burning To record data to a CD or DVD. Top Calibration The process of checking and adjusting a measuring instrument to ensure accuracy. Top Cell A spreadsheet page uses rows and columns to split a page into cells. (a bit like a battle ships game) Top Colour Depth The range of colours with which an image can be displayed. Usually measured in bits.

Top Configure To tweak the functions of software or hardware to the particular settings you require. For example, Windows can be configured to display a colour background. Top Cookies Text files generated by website's and stored on your hard disk. Top CPU Central Processing Unit. (works like the heart would in a human body) Governs the processing of information and how quickly it can process the information, depending on processor speed. Top CSS Cascading Style Sheets. Gives website developers and users more control over how pages are displayed. Top Cursor A flashing shape on the screen showing where the next character you type in will appear. When entering text in a word processor, the cursor is normally a flashing vertical bar. Sometimes, the word cursor is used to describe the on-screen mouse pointer. Top Default A standard software or hardware setting. Sometimes the computer will already have made some selections - these are called the defaults. You can change the defaults to fit your own preference, or accept them as supplied. Top Defrag Software that reorganises the data stored on a hard disk so that it can be accessed as quickly as possible by the PC. Top

Desktop The background area on screen where Windows files and icons appear. Top Dialogue Box A window that pops up to display or request information. Top Digital Camera A camera that stores images in computer memory rather than on light-sensitive film.

Top Domain Name The name used to identify a site on the Internet: in the address the domain is "Dazzle-IT". Top Dongle A device attached to a computer that adds hardware capabilities. Top Download Process of transferring files onto your PC directly from another computer. Top Drag and drop Enables users to move files around by clicking on an icon, then holding down the left hand button on a mouse. Top Driver A program that allows Windows to communicate with a peripheral device. Top

Dual-Boot The ability to boot your computer using one of two different operating systems. Top DVD Digital Versatile Disk. Used to store files from music to videos. Also used to view films. Top Email Electronic Mail. A system of sending notes and memos between computers via the Internet. Top Encrypt To scramble data it can be read by the sender and authorised recipient. Top Extension The three-letter code at the end of a filename that indicates the type or format of the file. (e.g. .doc, a word document, or .xls for spreadsheets) Top Firewall A system that prevents unauthorised access to a computer over a network. Top Firmware Basic software permanently stored on a device that controls its basic operation. Top Flash Application used to create high-quality animations on websites. Top Freeware Software, often downloadable from the net, which is then free for you to keep and use.

Top FTP File Transfer Protocol. A way of transferring files over the Internet Top GB (Gigabyte) A measurement of storage capacity usually for hard disks. 1GB is equal to 1,024 MB (Megabytes). Top Graphics Card The part of the PC that displays the image you see on a computer's monitor.

Top Hacking The slang term to describe illegal access of computer systems by unauthorised users.

Top Hard Disk A high-capacity disk drive fitted in almost all PCs and used to store both applications and the documents and files they create.

Top HTML Hypertext Mark-up Language. The language used to create pages for a website. Top HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Top

Hyperlink A clickable link on a web page or in a document that takes you elsewhere, such as to another website or page. Top Icon A small image used by Windows to identify a file or application. Top Internet A global network that links millions of computers, using phone and cable links. Users connect to server computers, which act rather like a local phone exchange. A modem connects your PC to the server from home, allowing you to become part of the Internet.

Top IP Internet Protocol Address. A computer's IP address is similar to a phone number in function. (your computers private address, a bit like your home address) Top ISP Internet Service Provider. A company that provides you with an Internet connection. Top JPEG A common format for image files. JPEG images are compressed and the small file size makes them ideal for web pages. Top Keystroke Loggers Software that records each key pressed on a PC and transmits the data to a third-party in an attempt to steal passwords and financial details. Top LAN

Local Area Network. Two or more computers connected, either physically or wirelessly, with the ability to share resources such as printers. Top LCD Liquid Crystal Display. Technology used to create low-power, slim display panels. Used in everything from digital watches to flat-screen monitors.

Top Linux An operating system that runs on a variety of computers and can be freely modified and distributed by its users. Top Macro An automated series of commands or operations that can be run at any time. Top Malware Software that performs harmful or surreptitious acts.

Top MB Megabytes. A measurement of storage capacity, usually for computer memory. Top Megapixel A measure of the level of detail recorded by digital cameras and camcorders. A oneMegapixel image is made from one million tiny dots (pixels). Top Memory Card Small cards that can store many megabytes (MB) of data.

Top Motherboard The main circuit board inside any PC into which every other component connects to and communicates through. Top MP3 A standard for compressing digital audio. The sound quality is close to that of CD audio but needs only a fraction of the storage space. Top Multimedia A combination of recorded audio, video, still images and documents. Top Network Connecting several computers and printers to share data. Top Notification Area An area on the bottom of a screen that shows which programs are always running in Windows. Top OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer. It refers to components sold to manufacturers purely for incorporation in complete systems. Often, OEM parts are similar to those sold retail, but may be cheaper or sold with different software. Top Online The time you spend connected to or via the Internet

Top Operating System

Governs the way the hardware and software components in a computer work together. (the brain of the system) Top Partition A large hard disk can be split into two or more partitions, or "virtual" drives. Top PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect. A high-performance expansion slot for desktop PCs, allowing simple installation of PCI components such as sound cards and modems. Top PDF Portable Document Format. A file format that allows pages of text and graphics to be viewed and printed correctly on a PC. Top Peripheral An item such as a mouse, keyboard, joy pad etc all external devices of a PC or Laptop. Top Phishing A form of Internet fraud that tries to trick you into revealing personal details. Top Playlist A list of audio tracks queued for playback, not unlike a stack of records on an old record player. Top Plug-In A small program that adds extra features to your web browser or to other applications, and is loaded only when it's needed. Top Pod cast

A digital audio file for downloading from the Internet Top Pop-Up A message that an be displayed on the screen by pressing the appropriate key, usually displayed over material on the screen. Top Port A socket at the back of the PC's base, where you plug in items like the printer or keyboard. Top Portal A website that offers a variety of services, such as news, weather reports, stock information, email and so on. Top QWERTY Keyboard The standard English keyboard layout, called this as the first 6 letters on the top row of the keyboard are QWERTY. Similarly, French keyboards can be referred to as AZERTY while some other languages, including German, use a QWERTZ keyboard layout. Top Ram Random Access Memory. The computer's working area, used for data storage while the PC is switched on. Top Refresh Rate Measured in Hertz (Hz) the number of times per second that the image on your monitor is redrawn. Top Resolution The amount of detail shown in an image, whether on screen or printed. Top

Rip Digitally extract the music data from a CD-ROM or audio CD. Ripping a track from an audio CD is the first stage of compressing it as an MP3 file. Top Router A device used to connect more than one computer together and/or to the Internet as an al


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