Common EMAIL MARKETING Mistakes One Should Avoid

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<ol><li> 1. Common EMAIL MARKETING Mistakes One Should Avoid By, Vikrant Bhalodia </li><li> 2. Not Thinking of a Long-term Strategy When you plan your email marketing campaign, make sure of what exactly you may want. Remember that a single email marketing campaign can give you limited results. Hence, think of a long term strategy and plan an effective campaign keeping in mind the long term goals. Ensure that each email delivers unique information to the audience. </li><li> 3. Creating Campaigns as SPAM Email accounts, these days, have the ability to analyze the emails. They can mark the email as spam or genuine. You should avoid eye-catchy lines in the subject line, avoid using capital letters, and do not send emails which do not have a subject line. Do some research online before shooting the emails to the clients. </li><li> 4. Not Sending a Test Email Before you start sending the email, you need to test the email by sending it to your email IDs and other employees also. This will help you check for any flaws and mistakes. This gives you a chance to correct them before sending the emails to the clients and customers. </li><li> 5. Unsolicited messages (but you dont believe they are) Are you absolutely sure that you have your customers consent to send them a specific message? If you send a commercial message to customers (or prospects) who did not subscribe to receive such messages from you in a way is direct and verifiable way (i.e. they received a subscription confirmation request and confirmed the subscription), you are sending SPAM. </li><li> 6. Underestimating SUBJECT and SENDER The key to the success of an email campaign resides with two often overlooked elements: subject and sender. They are absolutely critical in the recipients decision to open or not open a message. First, they need to recognize you. Secondly, you need to convey that the message is an interesting one. </li><li> 7. Mishandling unsubscribes Your customers need to be able to unsubscribe with a maximum of 2 clicks, without having to receive a confirmation message, and without having to enter the email address that they are unsubscribing or a password to log into an account. Making it difficult for recipients to unsubscribe can only have one effect: they will complain by flagging your message as spam, or blocking you as a sender. As multiple recipients take these actions, your sender reputation will begin to deteriorate, and your deliverability will suffer. Your messages will start getting delivered directly to the spam folder, or not delivered at all. </li><li> 8. Not optimizing your emails for MOBILE More than half of email messages are opened on mobile phones today. So you have to make sure your emails are mobile friendly. </li><li> 9. The missing image This is another really common gaffe. Always check how your emails will look if someone has their email client set to not show images. </li><li> 10. The emails dynamic content is broken. Dynamic content can be amazingly cool. There are almost endless creative applications for it. But be warned: It sometimes breaks. For whatever reason, some emails dont look right. </li><li> 11. The One Size Fits All Approach The most effective form of marketing is relevance. The one size fits all approach no longer works (did it really ever work?). Your message needs to be relevant to the reader. A CEO of a Fortune 500 company in New York does not have the same needs as a small business owner on a farm in the middle of England. </li><li> 12. Buying Email List Wise marketers knows that buying an email list isnt the right step to move forward. Still some newbies fall prey to those lucrative opt-in, verified, real time industry specific lists and consider it a shortcut to quickly grow their business. And, by the time they realize their mistake, its too late. </li><li> 13. Not sending emails at all This is the worst. Despite the risks of making a mistake, its far better to pull a few gaffes than to send no emails at all. Even the best of us mess up sometimes. The secret to success is to keep plugging along, despite the mistakes. </li><li> 14. References : practices/the-seven-most-common-email-marketing-mistakes/ this-year.html Common EMAIL MARKETING Mistakes One Should Avoid By, Vikrant Bhalodia LinkedIn : ------------------------------------------------------------------------- </li></ol>