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Have you been making mistakes in network marketing for a while now that's making it difficult for you to find any success in the industry? Then it’s time to assess the things that you’ve been doing and ask yourself if you’re really following the techniques and training that the company has put in place? Or, are you trying to reinvent the wheel by making up your own system?


  • April 18th, 2012 Published by: mervszine


    Common Mistakes inNetwork Marketing YouShould Avoid

    Have you been making mistakes in network marketingfor a while now that's making it difficult for you to findany success in the industry? Then its time to assess thethings that youve been doing and ask yourself if yourereally following the techniques and training that thecompany has put in place? Or, are you trying to reinventthe wheel by making up your own system?

    Common Mistakes in NetworkMarketing You Should AvoidBy Merv Stevens on April 18th, 2012

    Have you been making mistakes in network marketing for awhile now thats making it difficult for you to find any successin the industry? Then its time to assess the things that youvebeen doing and ask yourself if youre really following thetechniques and training that the company has put in place? Or,are you trying to reinvent the wheel by making up your ownsystem?

    You may be working hard and highly dedicated to yourendeavour, but are you really putting your efforts towards thethings that really matter?

    To help you discern what you might be doing wrong andcausing you to make mistakes in network marketing, I willshare with you the common problems that you have to avoidin order to build a successful business.

    1. Lack of Team SpiritIf you lack team spirit, how do you expect to succeed in thisindustry? The very core of network marketing is to networkamongst your team while working cohesively towards thesame vision.

    Network Marketing is the act of bringing together a group ofpeople for a mutual benefit. It generally answers the questionHow can I help? rather than What can you do for me?!

    Having a team that you communicate with regularly helps yougain new and fresh ideas about the business and holds youaccountable to staying plugged in with the daily activities thatwill get you closer to your goals.

    By communicating with your organization, youre not onlycreating the opportunity to inspire your own team; youre alsodeveloping meaningful and valuable relationships with them.

    Conduct a weekly group meeting with your team avoids youmaking this common mistake in network marketing. Use thistime to assess each others performance, provide feedback,give suggestions, and share insights in improving your groupsoverall productivity.

    2. Misleading Prospects into Attending a BusinessOpportunity MeetingUnfortunately, there are an increasing number of networkmarketers who exercise this technique to gain prospectiveleads. They invite friends over for a seemingly weekendbonding, only to take them to an opportunity meeting withouttelling them so. Whats worse, their prospects show no interestat all for the business.

    Kidnapping your potential partners is not the way to go. Youare not just wasting their time, you are also wasting yours.Invite prospects that are already aware of your intentions andhave expressed interest beforehand.

    This is one of the mistakes in network marketing that isdeceptive and counter-productive. To avoid this bad practice,be very clear with your intentions and follow your companiessystem to inviting your prospects to a meeting.

    3. Lack of Focus in the IndustryMost people are switching from one company to another inhopes of landing that one business that will make them rich
  • April 18th, 2012 Published by: mervszine


    instantly. Instead of focusing on a single company, they choseto diversify and put all their resources to waste by divertingtheir attention multiple different ways.

    One of the Most Common Mistakesin Network Marketing is Jumpingfrom Company to CompanyIf you really want to avoid this common practice, Id suggestfocusing on one company that you firmly believe will be thegateway to your success, and give it 100% of your time, energyand effort.

    Most businesses take 2-3 years to build successfully, so makea time commitment to give it all you got during that time. Iffor any reason, you see that youre giving 100% but changesor flaws in the company have altered your vision for reachingyour goals, only then should you begin considering changingover to a new company, where you can be 100% focused again.

    Success requires F.O.C.U.S., which simply means Follow OneCourse Until Successful. Dont make one of the commonmistakes in network marketing of jumping around fromcompany to company in the industry. This means you lackclear focus and now is the time to intentionally change this badhabit.

    4. Disregarding Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development is the first step that you must invest into accomplish success in building your mindset. Although youwill be given tons of training, tools and mentors, your successrelies in your ability to have the right mindset.

    Personal Development is a highly encouraged practice thatis enforced on every individual who joins the industry. Fromthe team meetings, to business presentations, youll find thatPersonal Development is the foundation for which nearly allNetwork Marketing companies are built.

    To help your team with this suggest that they read or listen toan audio recording of something like Napoleon Hills Thinkand Grow Rich. There are also many other classic and morecontemporary books that will assist in attaining the rightmindset to achieve success.

    Disregarding Personal Development isOne of the Big Mistakes in NetworkMarketingIf you disregard and overlook this common practice, expectdownfall to follow. If you havent enforced it on yourself, thenthis might be the reason why youre not thriving on success.

    In order for you to move forward, you have to learnthe key elements of personal development: mindset,technical knowledge, and leadership. Keep in mind, personaldevelopment is a continuous process. It doesnt end in the fourcorners of schools and universities that youve attended. Sospend a great deal of your time constantly feeding yourself withpositive reinforcement and surround yourself with successfuland motivated people.

    5. Easily Swayed to Rejection and NegativeOutside InfluenceDo you know that our warm market can be our worst enemy?Before we proceed to the cold market, it is common practice toshare what we know and what we have with the people closestto us, who is generally family and old friends.

    Experiencing rejection directly from the very people whom weleast expect can be very hard to accept. Not only does it kill theenthusiasm, the negative reaction can also create self-doubt,especially for beginners.

    You may not control what other people will tell you or how theywill react, but you can control your response to it. Prepare forthem by equipping yourself with optimistic viewpoints all thetime, and educate yourself on the multiple ways to deal withrejection.

    If you steer clear of these mistakes in network marketing youwill be in a position that will not allow anyone to steal yourdreams and enthusiasm for the industry. CLICK HERE if youwant to learn more becoming a better marketer and how toavoid the mistakes that blocks your path to success.

    Merv Stevens works in internet and network marketing andis based in London, England. He is of the opinion thatmarketing online provides the potential for people to create asubstantial income and a life filled with freedom and flexibilityand believes if you provide quality products and services withintegrity and ethically then you will achieve success in yourbusiness and all areas of life. Its these values and practicesthat he brings to his internet marketing business. To learnmore about what Merv Stevens has to offer visit his Mistakes in Network Marketing You Should Avoid