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<p> 1. Common Wedding Mistakes You Should AvoidWedding planning should be taken seriously, yes, as in Seriously. Why? This is in order to avoidcommon mistakes that many, if not all, couples or wedding planners avoid when it comes to this specialday. Men might be able to get the best selection for wedding rings for women, but if they dont tonedown on a few eccentric or cheesy decisions, the rings might not land on the right finger. If you are aman trying to plan a wedding or a woman wanting to become the happiest bride, here are five commonwedding mistakes you should avoid.5. Dont Endure the HeelsSome brides think that they can endure the 9 to 12 hours of standing using 3 inches heels. Later, theywould wish they had worn flats, instead. Yes, instead of surrendering your blissful and comfortablemoments just to look all fancy all throughout the event, limit your heels only for the ritual. At thereception, jump into those wonderful flats and have the time of your life feeling comfy or even wacky, ifyou may. This moment only comes once, so dont let a desperate and temporary move at fashionbecome the reason for its negative vibe.4. No Cash BarsNow, during weddings, even if the celebration is meant for the union of two individuals, usually, all offriends and relatives would like to be a huge part of the party. This means they would get booze allthey want to after-wedding-parties and even ask for more options other than what is available. Now,this is highly discouraged since your guests should be gracious enough to accept what is offered on thetable. If guests have a special kind of drink preference, then they should be resourceful enough to find itfor themselves.3. Dont put everything in the panPlanning a wedding is a huge start to setting up an entire life ahead with your special someone. This isthe time that you set out great decisions starting with what really matters to you. So think these allthrough: Do you think you can go without an official photographer, just to save some money for greatmusic, food and wine? Do you think you can limit the extravagance of the decorations just to securefunds for a professional wedding documenter? Maybe you have a family member you can turn to aswedding planner without the need for payment. Think about these options and opportunities and startpicking, instead of having everything that may not necessarily be essential.2. Rent the Rest, Secure Your Wedding DressBear in mind that your wedding only comes once. You wont need to have customized clothes for yourbridesmaids and groomsmen because they wont need those for their entire life. But you, you need tohave a quality wedding dress and a tuxedo for your partner. So, decide to rent clothes for yourentourage and choose to have your clothes customized, designed well to be kept as remembrance of 2. your vows inside your home. This way, you can save a huge amount of money renting, and have someextra in case you need more details on your dress.1. Dont Hit the RoadWhatever you do, dont schedule your honeymoon outside the city a day after your wedding. You will betoo exhausted celebrating the event, wearing those cute rings for women given by hubby, or havingthat fulfilling moment with the person you love. You wont have enough energy to become romantic,believe it or not. So try to mark the dates for a lovey-dovey on the week after the big day. That way, thebrouhaha will have subsided and you will have the perfect energy for that much awaited union with theone you love.Dont mess the wedding day just because you cant get an engagement ring design right. Choose theright ring from the collection.</p>