Communicating Drupal: Documentation and Discovery

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While often overlooked or just considered a necessary obligation, project documentation can play a crucial in a project's success. Documentation should be much more than the training manual that no one has time to create before a site launches, it should serve site of collaboration and play an important role at every stage of a projects lifecycle. This slideshow will reflect on the role of documentation and describe a process-oriented approach to performing project discoveries.


<ul><li> 1. Communicating Drupal:Documentation and DiscoveryJeff TraynorSolutions ArchitectPrepared For: DrupalCamp LA 20147/15/14</li></ul> <p> 2. Achieves FootprintWhat would you say you do here? 3. ArchitectureIn De Architectura, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio describes threefundamental principles which great architecture should accomplish: Firmatis: It should stand up robustly and remain in good condition it should be durable. Utilitas: It should be useful and function well for the people using it it should be functional. Venustatis: It should delight people and raise their spirits it should be beautiful. 4. Achieve at a GlanceLongevity 5. Scale 6. Physics 7. Environment 8. Cost of Construction 9. Documentation MattersDocumentation is a source of clarity If you cant explain it to a six year old, you dont understand ityourself Albert EinsteinDocumentation is a mechanism for accountability Managing budgets, scope, an expectations Advocating for project stakeholdersDocumentation is a site of collaboration Documenting process and collaborative creation Recording the decision making process! 10. Feasibility Study 11. Business RequirementsWhy? 12. Business RequirementsCustomer ProfileStrategic InitiativeProblem AnalysisGoals &amp; ObjectivesTarget AudienceStakeholdersProject TeamTimeline &amp; Milestones 13. Business RequirementsWho? 14. User Personas 15. Schematic Design 16. Information ArchitectureWhere? 17. Information Architecture!Documents Produced: Sitemap Diagrams User Flow Diagrams Systems Integration Diagrams 18. Design Development 19. PrototypingWhat? 20. Prototyping 21. Construction Documents 22. Functional RequirementsHow? 23. Functional Requirements 24. Functional RequirementsFeaturesContent TypesTaxonomiesViewsModulesWorkflowsIntegrations 25. Functional RequirementsProprietary SpecificationsvsPerformance Specifications 26. Contract Administration 27. Architecture &amp; Planning!Documents Produced: Epics &amp; User Stories DevOps Plan Development Plan Sprint Plan and Milestones 28. its not magic, its excellence.Thank YouJeff TraynorSolutions </p>