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Communication has moved from publication to participation. Find out why your marketing content should be intimate, interactive and innovative.


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2. What is Communication 2.0? 2A New Expression of Value Old world communication was about publication not participation. Small elitist groups delivered their messages to the masses, and remained firmly in command and control. In those days, we hoped people would stumble on our web content and we liked to think theyd find the information useful. In a 2.0 world, its our job as communicators to orchestrate information, involving as many people and sources of knowledge as possible, and striking a meaningful, progressive dialogue with the people we want to buy our products and services. New world communication is about intimacy, interaction and innovation. And, while change is refreshing, our message must also be consistent, because many different groups will consume it.Facilitation vs. Control help your customers get what they want, instead of feeding them what you want Problems not Productsfeel the pain and present yourself as the healer Responsive, Authentic and Dynamic create a conversation, be honest and write energetically Democratic Contentexpand your sources and understand that many people consume your message Architecture of Participationmaximize your message by encouraging contribution and harnessing collective intelligence Show and Telldescribe and support your value by creating a connection to positive experiences Balancing and Juggling make use of multiple channels of communication and dont forget to refresh Amanda ODonovan + 1 416 456 3859 || 2008 3. Intimacy 3An Informed Expression of Value The more you know about your prospects before delivering your message, the more likely you are to develop a trusting relationship that makes your products and services more attractive. Know your Audienceyou cant communicate unless you understand n Ask your peers, employees, competitors, clients n Visit websites, chat forums, seminars, tradeshows, attend webinars, download podcasts n Promote user conferences, join industry associations, consider social networking n Find out what theyre looking for, what they need and how much they already know Create a Conversationclients are real people too n Creating information is no longer enough n Users expect dialogues, not monologues n Get personal by using I, we, me and you Develop a Relationshipinspire a feeling of trust and dont be afraid to change n 1.0 communications were proprietary and protective n 2.0 communications are open, confident and willing to evolve Amanda ODonovan + 1 416 456 3859 || 2008 4. Interaction 4A Collective Expression of Value You can no longer serve up information and expect readers to eat what you feed them. In a 2.0 world, youre steward, not commander-in-chief. You need to listen to what clients and prospects are asking for, chief. and respond accordingly. With more people authoring their own content, expectations are high. The good news is that you can now call on multiple sources to help create your communications your colleagues, your clients, industry experts etc. A Reality Showpeople expect to interact with the content creator n Its no longer enough to create, publish and distribute n Establish a dialogue and encourage feedback, questions n Explore different media: print, web, email, blogs, wikis, conferences, comment forums, IM, SMS n Make your communication more life-like with e.g. cleverly like cleverly-scripted video Democratization of Contentcommunication is now a collective process n Collaborate with well-informed sources to create, edit and add value informed n Decide how you will interact and what control users will have over content n Many people consume your message: clients, suppliers, employees, partners, competitors Analyze and be Wiseuse analytics to find out what works best n Are case studies, white papers and newsletters more popular, or is your blog the biggest hit? n Feed your site visitors with more of what they want Amanda ODonovan + 1 416 456 3859 || 2008 5. Innovation 5An Evolving Expression of Value In a previous existence, content rarely changed unless we were launching or upgrading. In this life, audiences will lose interest and walk away if you dont constantly entertain them with new material that mirrors their preferences. But be prepared to loosen your grip on the information youre distributing. When you cooperate with others, your content becomes richer and more attractive. Refreshing Contentdiscipline yourself to find new ways to communicate n Website visitors are constantly searching for something new n Surprise them, update them and nudge them regularly n You dont always have to invent it, just link it to their attention Customized Contentnip and tuck your offerings to make them personal n Recognize different user needs/profiles and serve up content appropriately n Push out personalized information and data updates to subscribers using RSS feeds n Let your audience decide whats important Cooperative Contentsome rights reserved n Consider this concept that relaxes restrictions to promote creative cooperation n Strike a balance between end-users free use and authors intellectual property rightsusers Amanda ODonovan + 1 416 456 3859 || 2008 6. Harmony 6A Consistent Expression of Value We have been so conditioned to concentrate on our communication with clients that we can easily forget how many people both consume and distribute our message. Make sure that what you say makes sense to everyone, and portrays you as you wish to be seen. Coherent Communicationwhichever way it faces, communication should always match your messaging n Pay attention to internal consumers many of them will relay your message to clients n Align your marcomms with sales conversations n Support your value proposition with proof of problems solved n Watch for consistency of expression across all media by moderating your content n Drive traffic to your website with a matching print messageClientsCompetitorsPartnersSuppliers Employees Amanda ODonovan + 1 416 456 3859 || 2008 7. Energize your Content The bullets in the right hand column use verbs to create a connection with the reader. Compare them to the collection of nouns in the original version. 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The Rockley Blog Oct 21, 2007 Web 2.0 the second generation of the internet has arrived. Its worse than you think. Andrew Keen 15/02/2006 fjczq.asp?pg=1 OReilly Sales2.0 Amanda ODonovan + 1 416 456 3859 || 2008