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This presentation will give a brief description of the Communication Accommodation Theory.


  • 1. Communication Accommodation Theory By Caitlyn Mendogni
  • 2. Its also called the CAT but not this kind of cat
  • 3. Communication Accommodation Theory is: Speech Vocal Patterns Gestures How our language converges or diverges with others Human Interaction based off of:
  • 4. Convergence Divergence
  • 5. Convergence Someone who changes their speech patterns to match the speech patterns of the other person. Examples: Dressing like a particular group you want to fit in with Mirroring your speech to match the professionalism of your boss
  • 6. Divergence A strategy to accentuate the verbal and nonverbal differences between the communicators Examples: At business meetings, the boss stands and the subordinates sit A teacher scolds a student for misbehaving
  • 7. Dont FrEaK out! All that image is showing is how humans interact when communicating Basically how we encode or decode a message that someone else tells us
  • 8. People at Work Friends Family So pretty much
  • 9. EVERYONE!
  • 10. To better understand how people communicate and why they react to different people in conversations. We can see changes in the persons gestures, vocal patterns, and speech when communicating with another person.
  • 11. Conversations are too complex to be broken down into parts such as convergence and divergence. The concepts ability to be tested is a concern. CAT relies heavily on rational forms of communicating. People become irrational during an argument. Critics believe
  • 12. Presenters choice
  • 13. Over and under accommodating can lead to miscommunication you need the right balance!


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