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InTouchCommunications and Messaging Platform The Perfect Solution for Value-Added Services

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Communications and Messaging PlatformThe Perfect Solution for Value-Added Services

InTouch Platform Tiers Are:Content Tier: Where the application data and theprovisioning information reside, in email anddatabase servers. The content is extremely robust,highly reliable, and secure.

Application Logic Tier: The “central nervoussystem” of the platform, where all application logicand processing is done.

Presentation Tier: This tier converts content andapplication logic into the formats required by thevarious devices on which it will be presented:Graphical User Interface (GUI) for PC and Webvisual interface; Telephone User Interface (TUI)for telephone type devices using interactive voiceresponse; and Voice User Interface (VUI) usingautomatic speech recognition.

Clients: The various devices and clients supportedinclude, PCs, Web browsers, telephones, mobilephones, WAP devices, PDAs and iTV.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) areconstantly seeking ways to enhance services, createnew revenue streams and ensure customer loyaltyand satisfaction. The challenge is to introduce newproducts and value-added services that have a fastReturn On Investment (ROI) while protectinginvestment in existing infrastructure and maintaininga competitive edge.

InTouch, CTI2’s Communications and MessagingPlatform answers all these needs, opening the doorfor service providers to customize services to bestfit subscriber profiles - from basic legacy Voicemailup to the most advanced Unified Communicationsapplications. InTouch allows service providers toinitially offer users simple applications, thengradually roll out increasingly advanced value-added services, step-by-step migrating subscribersfrom existing voicemail and email systems to new,more lucrative services and features.

InTouch services are designed to operate alongsideor to replace other messaging and communicationservices such as, voicemail or email.

InTouch multi-services platform can be gracefullyintegrated into new or existing voice and datanetwork components, billing and OSS systems andother infrastructure supporting best-of-breed vendorproducts. With InTouch, providers can leverage asingle platform to offer a rich suite of value-addedmessaging services - no need to gamble on anysingle “killer” application. With InTouch, providerssimply choose from a list of pre-built services,mix-and-match services, or even build an off-the-shelf application within the service creationenvironment.

Multi-Tiered Architecture

InTouch multi-tiered architecture separates thecontent and data from its presentation, making iteasy to implement and integrate new userinterfaces, presentation protocols and devices withno need to change or reconfigure the applicationlogic and data. This opens InTouch to third parties,partners and eases integration with externalapplications and Web or voice portals, as well asallowing for smooth configuration andcustomization.

InTouch™ Platform

• Telco-grade platform, high availability, reliabilityand security

• Open, IP-based architecture• Based on industry standard protocols• Multi-tiered architecture with distributed server

environment• Service creation environment to build and

customize services• Supports all types of telephony networks: SS7,

ISDN and IP-telephony• Multi-Service Platform - built-in voice, fax and

multimedia services• Value-added services for the residential, mobile

and business customers

InTouch State of the Art Platform

Content Tier

Application Logic Tier

Presentation TierGraphical UserInterface (GUI)

Telephone UserInterface (TUI)

Voice UserInterface (VUI)

Internet Telephony


Message StoreProvisioning

Suite of Value-Added Services from CTI2

Home ServicesFor mobile and residential usersVoicemail Services SuiteOPENVoicemail based on open architecture andstandard protocols.VoicemailPLUS is enhanced voicemail functionalityplus visual access via Web and PC.

Fax ServicesEliminate the fax machine...receive and send faxesfrom the Web or PC using a Virtual Fax Number(VFN).

Enhanced EmailAccess email and listen to messages over the phoneusing Text-to-Speech (TTS). Receive SMS notificationsof new messages to mobile phones.

Unified MessagingOne mailbox for all types of messages, accessiblefrom any device, anywhere, at any time.

Multimedia MessagingVoice, text, images and video.

Hosted ServicesFor Business customersHosted Unified CommunicationsOne unified mailbox for voice, fax and emailmessages. Messages are retrieved, forwarded andmanaged through an office email client, Web ortelephone. Real time communications with “FindMe” and “Follow Me” services.

Fax ServicesSend and receive faxes from the Web client or PC,via a Fax server. View faxes on PC screen, save todisk, send to printer, or forward as email.

Email & Calendar ServicesAccess and notifications of office email andcalendar (MS Exchange®, Lotus®) via fixed lineor mobile phone.

Hosted VoicemailAll standard enterprise voicemail features; plussmart SMS notifications, auto-forward voicemailto office email (Outlook®, Lotus); and access tovoicemail mailbox via Web.

CTI2‘s InTouch offers a suite of pre-built services specially tailored to the mobile and residential marketand to the business and hosted services market. Services can be mixed and matched or customized.


Fax Voicemail Email MMSUnified


Voicemail Hostedfax





InTouch Platform

The Revenue Opportunity

The business case for InTouch platform is simple andclear. With InTouch, providers can realize fast ROIby using an open, standards-based platform to offerenhanced, attractive and sought-after value-addedservices. With InTouch, service providers can enjoyincreased revenues by offering services that will driveup existing airtime usage, phone calls traffic, voiceand data access, monthly subscription fees, SMS and

other transactions. With InTouch, providers can shakeoff the restrictions of legacy platforms and continuallyadd new and advanced value-added services that willattract new subscribers, increase subscriber loyaltyand satisfaction through “sticky” and personalizedservices. InTouch provides the tools providers needto dominate the lucrative value-added services market.

• Increase and generate new revenue streams• Fast ROI and increase ARPU• Telco-grade platform – scalability, reliability and security• Value-added services for both private and business customers• Smooth migration and integration with existing infrastructure• Fine-tune services for market segments• Service creation environment

Service Providers Benefits:

ScalabilityInTouch platform is scalable fromthousands to millions of subscribers.This scalability is enabled by multi-tiered, distributed application serversthat are symmetrical, interchangeable,interoperable and homogenouslyaccessible.

High AvailabilityInTouch system architecture wasspecially designed for telco-gradestandards, providing high availabilityuptime of 99.999%. The systemarchitecture includes: no single pointof failure, N+1 and N+N redundancy,server clustering, load balancing andredundant hardware components.

Service Creation EnvironmentInTouch service creation tools enableto build or customize pre-packagedcutting-edge messaging applicationsand class of services to fit the needsof the service provider's subscribersand business customers.

InteroperabilityInTouch platform is based on openindustry standard protocols and APIsenabling to leverage any existinginfrastructure equipment and any thirdparty components as well as easilyintegrate with existing platforms suchas customer care, operations andbilling systems.

ManageabilityInTouch Operation, Maintenance,Administration and Provisioning(OMA&P) tools provide a centralaccess point for managing,configuring, provisioning andreporting. The platform provides realtime monitoring and tracing of allsystem components, provisioning,authorizations profiles for individualsand groups and reports of systemperformance and usage.

SecurityInTouch platform fully covers allaspects of security. Data and trafficare protected through firewallprotection, intrusion detection,authentication, anti-virus and securedsessions (SSL). Servers are divided intomilitarized (MZ) and demilitarized(DMZ) zones to secure corecomponents.

Branding and CustomizationInTouch provides powerful brandingand customization capabilities,allowing service providers and value-added resellers (VARs) to build uniqueapplications and branded serviceswith customer specific look and feel,localization and functionality.



Supports any standard email and directory




Speech Compression

Open APIs in XML, SOAP


Operation, Maintenance,

Administration & Provisioning


InTouch Technical Specifications:



H.323, SIP, Gateways, Gatekeepers, FoIP: T.37, T.38, VoiceXML


G.711, G.723, G.726, TrueSpeech, GSM, WAV

Provisioning API (PAPI), Messaging API (MAMI)

Secured login using SSL; Authentication of subscribers, Firewall, DMZ protection;

Intrusion, detection, denial of service, Anti-Spam and Virus detection

Central provisioning, administration and configuration; fault management, SNMP

statistics and traps, remote operation and maintenance; performance (usage)

management and reports; transactions and billing records (CDRs)

About CTI2

CTI2 develops and markets open, standards-based enhanced Messaging and Communications Platforms deployed worldwide by service providers and

enterprises. For service providers, CTI2’s InTouch™ platform provides a unique telco-grade solution that enables rapid deployment of customized suites of

the value-added messaging services that end users desire. CTI2’s W.W.Office™ enterprise platform enables businesses to enhance their employees’ productivity

and improve customer service while reducing the cost of ownership. As a market leader, CTI2’s platforms fully integrate data and voice messaging services

over Internet, Intranet, PSTN, cellular, cable and enterprise networks. CTI2 partners with industry-leading companies to provide integration, service and

support around the world. CTI2 can be found on the World Wide Web at

CTI Squared Inc.U.S.Headquarters2929 Campus Drive, Ste 410San Mateo, CA 94403, USATel: +1 800 257 0666Email: [email protected]

CTI Squared Ltd.Corporate Headquarters5 Sapir Street P.O.Box 12112Herzlia Pituach, 46733 IsraelTel/Fax: +972 9 960 5200Emai l : sa le s@ct i2 .com

CTI2, the CTI2 logo, InTouch, W.W.Office and/or other CTI Squared products referenced herein are either registered trademarks or trademarks of CTI Squared the U.S. and/or other countries. Other product and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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