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  • Communications. Broad brush strokes and objectives

  • Communications, Within and Without

    u  What are IPT-UK’s organisational objectives?

    u  How can we make these visible externally?

    u  How can we apply them internally?

  • 1.Allow those interested in IPT to learn more and to find centres, courses and events around the UK u  External objective. u  But also promoting:

    u  Image and brand

    u  Interest

    u  Aims:

    u  1.Identify best audiences

    u  2.Identify most relevant platforms

  • Channels of communication

    u  Media: Local. National. Print. Web. Social etc.

    u  Marketing: Brand. Website. Advertising. Brochures and print…

    u  Events: Conferences. Training etc…

  • Website

    u  Who’s it for?

    u  Advances with members area.

    u  Inward looking.

    u  Is it service user friendly?

    u  Add on Google?

    u  Professional redesign

    u  Biog and photos of therapists?

  • Present IPT practitioners and researchers with a central area for the exchange of contacts, meeting days and other relevant information. u  What do members want?

    u  Is it working?

    u  London network. How to support internal involvement…

    u  Sharing of regional approaches

  • Website ideas

    u  Chat

    u  Plaudits

    u  Modality specific sections. IPT-A/ FB-IPT etc

    u  IPT-A inspired YP involvement

  • Let’s keep things IPT

    u  Communications…a team approach.

    u  Bob

    u  IPT-UK Admin

    u  Yvonne (Deputy Chair)

    u  Regional representatives

    u  Anyone else (papers etc)

  • Communications- 6 month objectives

    u  1. To identify and recruit a communications working party by July 2017.

    u  2. To survey members’ thoughts on website via poll by Oct 2017. To liaise with IPT-UK administrator to achieve this. Possibly leading to YP led/ professional upgrade.

    u  3. To ensure Twitter access for communications working party by Oct 2017. To Tweet at a rate of at least once per week.