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  • 1. Communion of Saints Our Catholic Faith is a beautiful gift from God, and there is always so much to learn. In the last episode we have learned about Gods family:The Catholic Church: We know that all who follow Jesus are members of His family Last time we also learned that Gods family is also called:THE COMMUNION OF SAINTS All the members of Gods family are united together, we say that we are in communion

2. Be Holy as Our Heavenly Father A saint is someone who is united to God, who have Gods life (GRACE) in them. All of us is called to Holiness, to be saints, like our Father in Heave is Saint. Lets see the Scriptures: Leviticus 19:2 "Speak to the entire assembly of Israel and say to them: 'Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy. Matthew 5:48 Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. 3. Members of Gods family Lots of times, when we talk about Saints, we mean souls in heaven Like St. Joseph, St Maria Goretti, etc. But Saints can also mean anyone who is united to God. That means that if we are living in Gods Life (Sanctifying Grace), we are in a sense Saints Those of us, who are not yet with God in Heaven, are not quiet the Saints. We still look forward to be in totally, united with God forever in Heaven. We are not yet perfect Holy, The Communion of Saints includes all those who are member of Gods family Whether we are living here on earth or whether they had died 4. All members Share Everything In Gods family, all members living and death, in certain way share everything. St. Paul try to help us to understand this in the letter, he wrote to the Corinthians. He helps us to see how we come together to make the ONE MYSTICAL BODY CHRIST. We learned this in another episode that we talked about, the fact that the body is made of Different parts. 5. Parts of the Body For example: the ear is part of the body and so is the foot The whole reason why you & I have feet is, so we can walk from place to place They help you in a special way If the feet were not attach to my body, they wouldnt be able to help you go around. The feet is something good for your whole body If the body only have ears, how do will be able to walk anywhere Each part of the body is important 6. Whatever happen to a member affects the Whole Body Have you ever step your foot in a piece of Glass or push pins? It hurt you, but more than just you foot hurt, If you foot doesnt feel well, you dont feel well Whatever happen to you foot, affects your whole body Whatever happen to your foot, happens to you. St. Paul knew all about this 7. Each Member Suffers Each part of the body is called the member Saint Paul wrote: if one member suffers, all suffer together, If one member is honor, all rejoice together But St. Paul was really talking about is the Mystical Body of Christ: the Communion of Saints. What he is trying to say is that when one person is the Communion of Saints is suffering, everyone shares the suffering. 8. We All share the Suffering For example What about if your Dad lost his job That will be a hard suffering for your dad, and for your whole family But not only for you, the communion of Saints some how share in your suffering. But you are not alone. Some where, someone is praying for you Jesus and Mary are specially watching over you On the other hand, something good happen to you, for example: You receive Jesus in the Holy Communion this is a wonderful blessing for you, and also for the whole Communion of Saints 9. Sharing Everything This sharing everything, in the Communion of Saints, happens because The Holy Spirit makes it happen, by drawing us all, to Jesus. This also means that whatever we do: a) either helps or hurts the whole communion of Saints b) because we are one body of Christ; c) we in some way share everything 10. Meet St. Dominic Savio Just about 100s year ago there lived a holy priest named John Bosco. He loved Children and young people John Bosco wanted to help them to love Jesus. One little boy Dominic, listen to Don Bosco more than anything. Dominic wanted to be a saint Since all the member of the Communion of Saints knew are important, Dominic knew, he have to try bring others to Jesus 11. Saint Dominic 12. Saint Dominic Savio When a priest told him that if he wanted to be a saint he should help save souls a) Dominic was in the look out for anything he can do to bring others to Jesus. b) Dominic and His group of friends pray cheerfully on Don Bosco school, c) And also he make sure to be kind to the boys none notice Whatever good, Dominic did helps the whole Communion of Saints He helps bring others to Christ and continues to pray for us in Heaven. He was only 15 years old when he died, and today we called him, Saint Dominic Savio. 13. GODS FAMILY: COMMUNION OF SAINTS 14. Communion of Saints We know, that everyone in Gods family, whether they are alive or death, is part of the Communion of Saints Everyone in the Communion of Saints is at different stage of Holiness Here on earth we are not yet perfectly holy (but we are trying our best) We can never rest, and try to become holy until we are with God in Heaven 15. THE CHURCH MILITANT Here on earth the member of Gods family are called: THE CHURCH MILITANT a) It means we have to fight and be like soldiers b) But Not soldiers with guns & violence. Soldiers have a reason for fighting and one of the reasons,We have for fighting in the Church Militant, is so to help others 16. Communion of Saints We know, that everyone in Gods family, whether they are alive or death, is part of the Communion of Saints Everyone in the Communion of Saints is at different stage of Holiness Here on earth we are not yet perfectly holy (but we are trying our best) We can never rest, and try to become holy until we are with God in Heaven Here on earth the member of Gods family are called:The CHURCH MILITANT It means we have to fight and be like soldiers But not soldiers with guns & violence. 17. Church Militant Here on earth we have to work hard to stay closer to Jesus a) We must ask Him for strength for fight the devil b) Sometimes we feel like doing something bad, that is when we have to fight like soldiers. We must fight against temptations, so we can stay closer to Jesus It takes hard work, but God have us all the Grace we need (by the Power of the Holy Spirit) 18. PURGATORY Do you remember that everything we do, helps or hurts the Communion of Saints?Thats right! Our prayers or good works, can help other people here on earth Prayers can strengthen others, so they can stay close to Jesus a) But we can not only help others for down here on earth b) We can also help those who had died c) After we died, if we are not perfectly holy and ready to be with God, d) we would need to be purify and become perfect, before we enter life with God in heaven This happen in the stage called:PURGATORY 19. We Pray for People Who Have Died The souls in Purgatory, know that they will see God and be with Him forever in Heaven But they are not with Him yet, and we are very sorry for their sins We call the souls in PURGATORY: the CHURCH SUFFERING it could be that someone you love who died is in Heaven It could be that that person is in purgatory On less the Church says that someone is a saint, we dont know for sure if someone is with God yet or not But we want everyone be with God, and enjoy with Him for ever in Heaven And God wants them to be with them, too. What can we do about it? We can pray for the people who have died. 20. Pray for those Who have Died Every year at November 2nd, we celebrate the memorial ofWhole souls In this day we pray for the death, that they may be with God And also it is a good practice to visit the commentary and pray for all those who had died. In fact, it will be a good idea to pray for someone right now Can you remember someone who had died? In our prayer we can ever help people we dont know, So lets offer a prayer for the souls in Purgatory; it is a short prayer but a good on to say often: May the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God rest in peace,Amen. 21. Meet Saint Gertrude Many years ago, there was a girl that wanted to live entirely for Jesus She became a nun and lived her life very closer to Jesus Our Lord Jesus gave to St. Gertrude many special gifts and Graces And even appeared to her, and share with her many things On thing Saint Gertrude learned form Jesus is that He loves the souls in the Purgatory He wants them to bring them to Heaven, if we only was ask Him 22. God loves all the souls, The souls in Purgatory are very thankful for our prayers God loves all the souls, And when we pray for them, we are caring and loving these souls, too. We are showing God that we love His children a) Not only that, but the souls in purgatory dont forget about those of us, still on earth. b) They can offer their suffering as a prayer for us. c) And they can pray for us in a very powerful way, d) so we finally could see God face to face, 23. THE CHURCH TRIUMPHANT The saints who live with God in heaven are called THE CHURCHTRIUMPHANT Someone who is triumphant is joyful and celebrating because he had wan a victory God has given them great victory over the dangers, temptations, and sins on life here on earth, Now, they are with God forever in Heaven. They love Him and they will never be separated from Him ever 24. Some lived Such Obvious Life We probably dont know how much of these souls are: But some time, someone have lived such of obvious holy life, that the Church has able to say for sure, that this person is in Heaven This is the people who we usually called the SAINTS in Heaven. a) They also pray for us, b) and their prayers for us are very powerful 25. Meet Saint Therese In