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Community Curation of Gene Descriptions Ranjana Kishore WormBase@Caltech Pasadena, California Slide 2 Gene concise descriptions are snapshots of gene function Key data: orthology, process, molecular function, tissue and sub- cellular expression data (all from published papers). Slide 3 Help us with writing and updating gene descriptions Use our community curation system and participate in writing gene descriptions! Writing and updating gene descriptions are labor-intensive and time-consuming Slide 4 How can you help with WormBase Gene descriptions? -Write a new gene description (eg. for a newly published* gene). -Update an old gene description with new published* data. -Refine/Update our automated descriptions written by scripts (based on orthology and gene ontology (GO) data previously curated in WormBase). Example of an automated description: hmg-1.2 is an ortholog of human HMGB2 (high mobility group box 2), HMGB1 (high mobility group box 1), HMGB3 (high mobility group box 3) and HMGB4 (high mobility group box 4); hmg-1.2 is involved in cell fate specification, Wnt signaling pathway, vulval development, positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter and hermaphrodite genitalia development; hmg-1.2 exhibits transcription regulatory region DNA binding activity; hmg-1.2 is localized to the nucleus. *No meeting abstracts or Worm Breeder Gazette articles please Slide 5 Using the Gene Description Submission Form Step 1: Enter your name and e-mail address Follow the links from here to this form Slide 6 Step 2: Pick a gene and write a new description (if none) or edit the existing gene description Slide 7 Step 3: Enter references for the gene description and then Preview and Submit You just contributed a gene description! Slide 8 Acknowledgements Juancarlos Chan (Developing the form and software) James Done (Automated descriptions project) WormBase people at Caltech (For everything else!)