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Community Involvement. The Community Compact Model Engaging Student, School and Community. Any Community USA. What is Community Involvement?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Community InvolvementThe Community Compact ModelEngaging Student, School and CommunityAny Community USA

What is Community Involvement?Community Involvement seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to effect change in their own communities.

It involves changing the relationships between ordinary people and people in positions of power, so that everyone can take part in the issues that effect their lives.ObservationA teacher in a inner-city school observed: The schools not like it was. We used to be like a family, the old-style working-class community. We didn't have to do anything special: we just drew on what was there in the home background. But its not like that anymore. And theres nothing we can do about it. How can you make a community in a school when theres no community out there?

(Hargreaves 1982, pp 34-35) The Challenges for the Comprehensive SchoolThe Community Compact TheoryAn agreement for mutual benefit between an individual or group and the government or communityas a whole. To improve commitment to the lowest performing schools and students attending those schoolsDevelopment of community and faith vested organizations and local business partnership

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child The Community Compact GoalTo provide both community collaboration and a continuum of care for all student attending the lowest performing schools within a communityProvide volunteers and an envelope of support for students and facultyIncreased access to internships, mentoring, and job shadowing opportunities for studentsAn inseparable relationship between partners and parents

Goal continuedFacilitate meetings to allow parents to interact with school and elected city officials Assist partners to understand how they can contribute to student achievementEstablish a peer network among parents and empower parents to be more active in their child's education

The Importance of Community InvolvementWhy should I care about becoming involved in my community?

Better SchoolsBetter Relationship with BusinessesBetter ResourcesLower Crime RateBetter Community to live in

Six Types of Involvement* Parenting--helping families to become aware and knowledgeable about child development, and providing resources that enable them to establish home environments that can enhance student learning.

* Communicating--effective, appropriate, relevant, two-way contact about school events, student academic or personal development and progress, and/or insight within the home environment.

* Volunteering--organizing and participating in activities initiated by school personnel or generated by community members aimed at supporting students and school programs, such as service-learning projects, Big Brothers Big Sisters programs, or violence-reduction assemblies.

Six Types continued* Learning at home--providing information to parents and families about school procedures (e.g., homework expectations, grading scales) in order to help them augment their children's academic activities.

* Decision-making--including parents and family members from all backgrounds as representatives and leaders on school committees.

* Collaborating with the community--identifying and integrating resources, services, and other assets from the community to help meet the needs of school personnel, students, and their families.

Community CollaborationPartnership DevelopmentChose partners who can increase and enhance the delivery of student support servicesCan provide care to each student and family in the compact we serviceAble to interact with students and families on a regular basisHold opportunities that can better serve the compact participants.

Partnership InvolvementActive- the community member is recognized, available, and often in attendance for student support services, activities, and eventsPassive- the community member does not want to be recognized but will donate materials or money to student support service, activities, and eventsMentor/Volunteer- the community member that donates time to help in any capacity needed by the Community Compact.Community Member ActionsMeet with school personnel to determine what support can be offered to support schools or districts objectiveProvide mentoring and after school programs to give children a safe haven from violence and crimeOffer school to work programs that lead to college, technical training, or jobs after high schoolProvide programs for parents to include serving on school-community committees, academic classes, literacy training, early childhood education, and career and financial instructionSchool, Family and Community Partnerships

The plan for convening relevant student support services and community partners to focus on providing a continuum of servicesMulti Institutional Compact

Sample MOUPage 1

Sample MOUPage 2

Sample MOUPage 3

Sample MOUPage 4Letter of Agreement

Letter of AgreementTemplateCommunity LiaisonFacilitate the development and recruitment of community partnersMaintain ongoing efforts for recruitmentIdentify businesses that ensure and encourage diversityProvide opportunities to host business meet and greet to expand the exposure to the community compact

Better SchoolsWhen parents and communities are involved in schools, education improves; from New York to California, from one students classroom to a whole community, the impact of one effects all.

Community InvolvementEvery person should have a chance to feel connected to their neighbors and the place they live in.

The future depends on our ability to work together to find the best solutions , to use resources wisely, and to learn to see our differences as gifts.

A community is like a ship;Everyone ought to be preparedTo take the helm. Henrik IbsenResourcesCommunities of PracticeInteractive Workshops by Etienne


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