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One of the requirements in filing a Teacher's Portfolio.


<p>Community Involvement: A Way to Be Involved</p> <p>According to the Article 3 of the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers entitled The Teacher and the Community, the school specifically the teachers, the school personnel and the people in the community should be one for the improvement of the people specially the students. The two institutions should have a give and take relationship to be able to have a smooth and harmonious environment together. Moreover, the school is part of a community that has the same goal and objective for the betterment of the people living within. The school should extend its hand to help the community for the welfare of the people. Also seeks help, assistance, and approval from the community especially in decision making. Teachers are the channel that connects the school and the community. They always find ways to build a good relationship. Dealing with the school personnel, student and the community was one of the important experience in my life during the practice teaching.Community involvement means spending the extra time, without being compensated. During my stay in the school, I saw the participation of the school and the community where I was involved. In my case, I was involved in presenting and showcasing my very own talent in dancing together with my fellow interns and the Hindang National High School faculty and staff during the 2015 New Year Celebration in Hindang, Leyte. During the event, we joined the HNHS teachers in presenting a number up on stage at the gymnasium. There was a short program which entertained the visitors and all the townspeople of Hindang. Some teachers from different schools likewise performed in front of the crowd.Before the night of our presentation, we had a tough practice which was held almost every day so we did not have a Christmas break. Most especially that I together with my co-interns was assigned by the school principal to instruct the dance steps to the teachers. However, the teachers were very cooperative and very active and they also gave their very best to the performance. Thus, our presentation became successful.</p> <p>Community Involvement: The Celebration of the People(Reflection)</p> <p>Every individual has the ability to be involved in any activity and event in the community and vice versa. The main aim is to be a useful ingredient of the event or affair and most especially to extend a hand to others.I had a great experience to be a part of the school and community activities both shared and engaged in. It was my first time to become a part of an event in the town as a teacher though I was just a student teacher. It was fulfilling to get involved on such event that could only be held once a year. I took part in showcasing the talents of the Hindang National High School teachers. I had the chance to dance with my fellow interns during the 2015 New Year Celebration. However, I did not enjoy the Christmas break because I was assigned to teach the dance steps to the teachers together with my co-interns. We had to practice daily even during Christmas break to be assured of a good performance. It was exhausting to practice almost every day and though the actions were slightly difficult yet we tried our best to impart the dance steps to the teachers in some easy ways. Though it was tiring to instruct dance steps (especially that I am a Biological Sciences major and not a MAPEH major), still I enjoyed the task a lot because I was with my fellow interns, and the teachers helped us through their active participation. Some of them, particularly those humorous ones, made jokes that took away the strenuous feeling that I and my co-interns felt at that time. During the night of the event, I met different teachers from various schools in the Hindang. I discovered that most of the teachers in Hindang have a talent in dancing. I was truly excited and nervous as well because it was my first time to join that kind of celebration especially to be one of a dance leader. We had to dance up on stage and lots of people had their eyes on from afar and this made me shiver to the bones. However, I fought the shyness and the nervousness I had inside of me, instead I was able to overcome it and made it an inspiration to make the performance the best. I was also proud of my fellow practice teachers because we did not give up practicing and learning all the dance steps.</p> <p>The involvement played a big impact on me as a practice teacher though I am not a resident of the town. Being involved in a towns activities gave me so much pride more so that I came to showcase my hidden talent in dancing, the other side of me. Moreover, a well-known choreographer in Hindang chose our group to join the finale dance up on stage that made me and my co-interns pleased and proud of ourselves more. I was able to overcome my stage fright and the fear of being in front of so many people. I can say that my social relationship with the different people in the community have improved because I have gained self-confidence in facing a big crowd and in interacting and mingling with others. Reaching out to others in the community improves my personality and this is a plus factor to me.I will now make enormous efforts to accept roles beyond my capacities and capabilities for they help me become not just a good teacher but a responsible citizen of the community and the country as well. </p> <p>DOCUMENTS/ PICTURES</p>


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