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Breanna WelchSeptember 28, 2015Comparison/Contrast Reflection for Literacy Narrative and Altered BookA lot of time was taken to start both my literacy narrative and my altered book. I learned quickly that I had to sit down and put a lot of thought into what I was going to do. I would like to say that I put equal amounts of thought into both the paper and the altered book, but thats just not true. My altered book, I feel, required a lot more thought than my paper. The reason being, I had to sit down and think of layouts for each different page that was going to go along with my literacy topic. With my paper, I took time and thought, but the words seemed to flow out better than with the altered book. With that being said, my literacy narrative paper, is the genre that I prefer. While writing my paper, I was able to tell about my literacy in more detail. I feel as though I could put readers in the specific scenes. Being able to describe how I was feeling or the conflicts in the moment that I was in, I felt helped the reader imagine as though they were there in that moment with me. The little things like that happened and were able to be better expressed in my paper and not in my altered book. In comparison there were a few things that my paper and book had in common. For instance, in both of the peer reviews for my book and paper, my partner Caitlyn stated that the main idea was very clear. By adding more of the literacy narrative paper to the altered book would have made the book better. Taking words and phrases from my paper and putting it on the pages of the book would have made the book more effective and helped to explain the story more. Putting both the paper and book together, would tell the complete story. The readers would not only have a detailed paragraph about what was happening, they would also have a visual aid. For some readers, they would better understand that way. Even though the altered book was difficult for me to do, it was a very visually creative project. I feel like I did a lot better on the book than I initially thought that I would. I did enjoy being able to color and write in the pages of the book to make it my own. Both the paper and the book helped me to understand my own literacy better. Since I had to go through and find not only words but pictures that matched what I remember feeling or doing in a moment, brought me back and reminded me of why I wanted to become literate in CNA work in the first place. I did not realize how much I had already achieved. This gave me a boost of confidence and now I am keeping my eye on the prize.